HCI: Great user experiences are meant only for humans. Or not?

Note: this is a modified extract of one of the chapters of my new book on Multidimensional User Experience or Quantum UX (QUX). Parts of this article appeared in Spanish in a previous article I wrote at UXpanol When we talk about UX or User Experience, we always talk...

User Experience History: Apple First Computer

User Experience History: More than 100 years of amazing wonders

User Experience History is as fascinating as the evolution of culture and technology in the 20th century, as it accompanied or even led such evolution! In times where UXD is more common, some people forgot that UXD is not just UI, but much more than that! And it existed...

Are Google SEO content guidelines killing real content?

Are Google SEO content guidelines killing real content?

Let’s talk about SEO content guidelines. First of all: We all love Google. And Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and all those wonderful search engines. Well, maybe not everyone does, but that’s another story. Personally, I love Google. When I say we all love Google, I mean every webmaster who lives...

Customer Satisfaction and CX Services

What is Customer Experience (CX)?

So, maybe you saw the words Customer Experience or the CX acronym somewhere and you wondered: what is this? Some people thinks it’s the same as Customer Service (CS), but this is just one of the parts of CX. Same goes for Technical Support, Help Desk and other common...

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