Uglobal Cover

Uglobal: Rebranding and UI redesign for success

Uglobal is one of the largest platforms dedicated to education and networking for international investment and immigration. Due to the growth of their business and their need to reach new markets, they asked us to update their brand. Requirement was: clean and sophisticated, but modern and colorful. In addition...

Google Business

Facebook Business

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Aloha Booking System

The project began as a simple development for an existing startup and its next MVP. Then we were asked to work on a full UX process. It included research on competition and users. Also, research on business opportunities and new features. Finally, we built wireframes for all...

The Bubble UX Cover Image

The Bubble

The Bubble is a Latin American newspaper located in Argentina and aimed to English-speaking users, mainly tourists, businesses and ex-pat. They had a need to evolve from a slow and generic WordPress theme to attract investors. The project had 2 phases: first phase was of deep research,...

Sarjan Cover

Sarjan Health

Sarjan Health is an AI-based application that solves patient problems remotely that had a problematic user interface. They approached us because they needed a design face-lift to make their site more modern and fresh. Also, they needed to improve UX flow and site conversions. Due to the...

Leica Hexagon UX Process

Leica Geosystems

This project required to build the designs and website implemented in WordPress for the US branch of Leica Geosystems and Hexagon. The website had to be really easy to manage and include the ability to offer user to download documents and manuals in PDF format. Also, they...

Eat Think Vote Implementation for Canada Government

Eat Think Vote (Govt. of Canada)

This is a project for Canada’s Government and its program Eat Think Vote. Basically, a platform for Canadian people to make their voices heard about food related issues. This program brings together community members across Canada to chat with their federal candidates about food insecurity and other food issues...

Cyber Centaurs UX process

Cyber Centaurs

The Cyber ​​Centaurs project consisted in the creation of a sustainable business model that could replace a branch of an existing company. This project included a complete UX process, using the Design Thinking methodology and its 3 basic pillars: Empathy, Ideation/Creation, Experimentation/Research. To this end, research was...

Opportunity Zone Expo Design

Opportunity Zone Expo

After the success we had with the redesign we made for Uglobal, the client asked us to do some work for its sister company, Opportunity Zone Expo. This time, we had to create a brand new home page and a few new pages and features. However, they...

Arena Solutions Cover Page

Arena Solutions

Arena Solutions is one of the largest software companies in the world and, as such, also has a large site. Initially, the project consisted of converting a BIG site built in AngularJS, to a WordPress site with custom editing capabilities. While Angular is not exactly “friendly” for...

Competition analysis screens

Sonic Chiro

We did this project for a chiropractic company in Seattle. In the beginning, they had the idea of ​​creating a relationship between them, their city and the (now disappeared) NBA team Seattle Supersonics. The requirements for this project included creating the complete brand identity (with the exception...

Political Marketing: Consulta Popular

Political Marketing in Action: Libres del Sur

Political Marketing is one of our many areas where we shine. So it was a great pleasure when Argentina’s center left party Libres del Sur asked us to work on their communication efforts. By then, Libres del Sur was just a small but struggling political party. We started working...