UX Team

We are a UX team composed of leading professionals in their respective areas.

Since UX is an approach that combines multiple sub-disciplines, methodologies and techniques, our team is multidisciplinary.

This team includes researchers, designers, developers, programmers, marketing experts, etc.

What brings us together is a clear understanding and passion for user experience, and how to solve problems that nobody wants to face.

It is this philosophy that makes us brave, persevering, imaginative and creative. It is what makes our work not a burden, but something we enjoy.

In our UX team there is room to be serious and focused. But also for fun, music, humor and love …

After all … we are as human as the users we work with

Contact us to meet us. And if you are in Buenos Aires, Argentina … you can come to visit us, we will love to welcome you!


Fabio Devin

Fabio Devin


Fabio is Bachelor in Marketing, Master in Human Computer Interaction and a UX Evangelist.

He worked for some of the biggest companies in the world. As such, he has developed entire systems and businesses for clients of all sizes.

He is kind of “nerdish” and loves (and play) electronic experimental music

Mariana Arismendi, PhD

Head of Research

Mariana is a Doctor in Psychology, specialized in research methodologies.

She is a

  • Professor of Methods of Scientific Research at University of Buenos Aires
  • Professor of Basic Processes at Universidad del Salvador.
  • Investigator at National Comission of Science, Education and Technics (CONICET)
  • Published Author
  • Former researcher for guvernamental projects

With us, she handles all research and takes care of methods and methodologies in order to get the most accurate results

If you need to find out about why anyone behaves in any way… she’ll find it for sure, we’re scared of talking!

Dra Mariana Arismendi
Lic Sami Fraser

Samantha Fraser

Research Assistant

Bachelor in Psychology, Sami is a former student of Mariana. Now they work together and have an “all girls” band that really rocks.

Now THAT’S what I call a User Experience!

Sami connects the dots and makes everything happen and flow as it should.

She’s also a Yoga instructor adn Chinese Medicine student.

Please stop Sami!

Ariel Gaster

UX Backend Analyst

Ariel is our IoT and Machine Learning specialist. He also works on the back end side of things and loves to try new enhanced and experimental experiences for users.

He likes to travel a lot and he’s a die-hard fan of soccer, swearing by his beloved team Boca Juniors

Ariel Gaster
Sofi Devin

Sofi Devin

Jr Designer and Social Media Manager

Sofi is a Graphic Design student, tattoo and visual artist and muralist. In some way or another, she does anything you may imagine in the visual arts area.

While she’s just starting her career in design, you can see her work in many illustrations for our clients.

She also manages Social Media for us and some of our clients and partners.

Jonathan Peralta

Front End Developer

Jonathan is a young and enthusiastic front-end developer. He’s crafty with all things related to user interface and implementation of such interfaces.

He loves football (yes, soccer!!!) and he’s a die-hard fan of River Plate

Santiago Acosta Villa Abrille 1

Santiago Acosta Villa Abrille

Head Back End Developer

Santiago is our back end and automation specialist. He’s the master of JS and PHP and everything related to automation and basic AI, as well as everything crypto-currency.

Santiago loves soccer and high power motorbikes, he owns an amazing Harley Davidson we all want to steal from him.

Watch out Santi!

Fernando Maldonado

UX and Big Data Analyst

Fernando is our specialist in Big Data, and Big Data applied to multidimensional user experiences, a concept developed at Dorve UX.

Fernando is passionate about fitness and is a digital nomad, so he can be found here in our offices, or anywhere in the world!

Fernando Maldonado 2
Miguel Salcedo 3

Miguel Salcedo

Sys Admin

Part time but fundamental part of our team. Miguel is the one that connects the technological dots and builds out of this world super fast servers. He’s also teh one that will fix any DB problem, or hacker intrusion, or whatever you may need.

Born in Venezuela, he traveled through several countries, developing a huge experience in his area, working for many different IT companies

Martin Stagmann

SEO Analyst

Martin is one of our SEO specialists, and he’s also very experienced with marketing campaigns and SSM.

He’s a bachelor in Marketing and currently doing his MBA.

He’s passionate about NBA basketball and loves Chicago Bulls. As if it’s still the 90s! 😀

Martin Stagmann 4

Extended Team

In addition to our internal team, we also have people who help us with certain tasks.

They are as good and motivated as we are. Also, they share the same motivation and convictions about UX’s work and data-driven development.

We chose each member of our team of experts according to our quality standards. They went through a rigorous selection process, so we are very happy and proud to have them.

Sara Ahmed

Middle East Culture Specialist

Sara started as a front-end developer that became our “go to” person any time we need to know something related to Middle East culture. She lives in Egypt and does work for us as a freelancer.

Santiago Rios

Backend Developer

Santiago is a freelancer that helps us on certain projects doing backend work on PHP, Laravel and Node.JS

Yasin Karab

JS specialist

Yasin works with us when JS requirements gets too complicated or we need additional help. He’s a wizard at everything JS, Jquery and React. Yasin lives in Turkey

Mario Yaguer

Product Development

Mario is one of the founders of Dorve. He is a specialist in electronics, physical product development and ergonomics.

Nowadays, he left the company to work on his own and travel around the world, but still collaborates on certain projects