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Pepsi logo 2023 cover image

Pepsi logo 2023: unveiling a bold spirit

So here we have the all-new Pepsi logo 2023. And there's a lot to say about it! As we all know, PepsiCo has really made a name for itself. They're ...
Generative image AI cover photo

Case Study: Best Generative Image AI (Part 1)

Generative image AI is a hot topic (as well as anything related to Artificial Intelligence), and many people are eager to take advantage of these creative tools. In this case ...
Choosing the Best AI Image Generation apps cover image

Choosing the Best AI Image Generation apps (Part 2)

Best Generative Image AI Introduction
(part 1)Defining the AI image generation apps to test
(this page)Top 5 AI Image Generator Analysis
(part 3)Experts View and Results
(part 4) AI Image Generation: How to ...
AI Image Generators cover image

Top 5 AI Image Generator Analysis (part 3)

Best Generative Image AI Introduction
(part 1)Defining the AI image generation apps to test
(part 2)Top 5 AI Image Generator Analysis
(this page)Experts View and Results
(part 4) AI Image Generators: User research ...
new Twitter X Logo 2023 cover image

The new Twitter X Logo 2023: how much can you fail?

There's something you have to acknowledge when it comes to Twitter's Musk-era: there's no time to be boring. Every single week, he comes up with something new. Whether it's good ...
new iPhone 15 ergonomics and physical design analysis

The New iPhone 15: Physical Design and Ergonomics Analysis

As a fresh evolution of Apple's well-known innovative lineage, the new iPhone 15 is set to launch. This powerful device promises to not only revolutionize the user interface but also ...
User behavior prediction using AI cover image

User behavior prediction using AI. A definitive challenge

This time, we're using AI and Quantum UX as an experiment for user behavior prediction. Please note that this is just an experiment, and we don't have many resources (or ...
Dorve Sitemap: Find our amazing content 1

Attention-Driven Design: 20 Guiding Principles for Better User Experience

Attention-driven design is at the heart of crafting engaging and user-friendly interfaces. This approach is vital for user engagement, user retention, and creating effective call-to-action buttons. In the ever-evolving world ...
affordances in UX cover image

Affordances: are you aware of its importance?

Introduction to Affordances: The Multidisciplinary Concept Definition and Origin Affordance is a term that is applied across various disciplines, including psychology, HCI, architecture, industrial design, and UX. The concept originally ...
Data-driven and Quantum UX in Politics / Cover Image

Data-Driven Quantum UX Proven in the Wild: We Predicted the Outcome of Seemingly Impossible Elections

Data-Driven apps are the future of web design and development; there's no doubt about that. But what happens when you add Quantum UX to the mix? Data-driven design is powerful ...
Premier League Logo 2023 Cover Image

New Premier League Logo 2023: Redesign Analysis

Premier League Logo 2023 is here. Perhaps not a very different one, but I'm sure most fans will still like it. And for those into branding, design, typography and UI, ...
Perform User Testing in 10 Easy Steps Cover Image

How to Perform User Testing in 10 Easy Steps

User testing plays a pivotal role in the design and development process. It provides insights into how real users interact with your product and identifies potential usability challenges. However, a ...
Google unveils the new Android Logo 2023 cover image

Google Unveils Android New Logo 2023

The Evolution of Android’s Brand Identity Android has continually positioned itself as a pioneering force within the tech industry. From its humble origins, it has expanded into a global technology ...
Freepik new 2023 logo: Was it worth it?

Freepik new 2023 logo: Was it worth it?

Freepik New 2023 Logo: A Fresh Look with a Slight Miss In the ever-evolving world of design, brands must keep pace to stay relevant. As an advocate for powerful visual ...
Quantitative methodology: 3 scales you should master cover image for article

Quantitative methodology: 3 scales you should master

Introduction to Quantitative Methodology Quantitative methodology, at its core, refers to the systematic investigation of phenomena using statistical, mathematical, or computational techniques. In research, this method places emphasis on objective ...
Stop Ignoring Qualitative Research cover image

Stop Ignoring Qualitative Research. The definitive guide

Introduction to Qualitative Research Qualitative methodology provides an avenue for exploring the many facets of human experiences and social interactions that are often neglected by purely numerical or statistical approaches ...
Research methodologies: learn to master them Cover Image

Research methodologies: learn to master them

Introduction: What is a research methodology? Research methodologies are the ultimate tool for UX design in all its different aspects and varieties, from digital design to physical UX design, from ...

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