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Cars branding books cover

FREE Cars Branding Books and Style Guides

Here's another post with free content, this time cars branding books and visual identity guidelines Visual guidelines are very useful for those who want to work with these companies because ...
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great brand design: Huggies 2021

Great Brand Design: Huggies 2021 brand identity

Great brands are bound to great brand design. And in this case, it's not an exception. Huggies is redesigning its brand image starting with a new visual identity design for ...
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Los Angeles tourism brand cover

Los Angeles new tourism brand is the ultimate “back to 80s” sensation

So Los Angeles has a new tourism brand. Do not confuse it with a city brand guideline. Instead, this is a new visual identity for the tourism side of Los ...
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Disabled person at work using an accessible interface

Accessible interfaces: Top 25 ways for a better website

Assistive technologies and accessible interfaces are two of the most important areas in user experience design, especially when considering Universal Design and Accessibility. A brain wave scanner People with Parkinson ...
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better UI for alzheimer's and parkinson disease cover image

11 tips to create better UIs for people with Alzheimer’s and PD

We need to create better UIs for everyone. That's a given. Yet it's common for UX and UI designers to struggle with user interfaces that cater to people with special ...
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physical ux design cover

Physical Design: A perfect set of 77 UX Heuristics

Physical design, especially industrial design, has many different ways of measuring products. However, there is a need for a unified method to perform heuristic analysis for physical design. Heuristic analysis ...
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new VISA logo 2021

New Visa logo in 2021? Well, kind of…

2021 comes with a new VISA logo. But… does it really? How far does Visa's 2021 rebranding go? Let's see what's going on and what to expect VISA brand history ...
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Build your first Quantum UX project cover image

Design your first Quantum UX project in 7 easy steps

How to design a Quantum UX project? After the introductory article to Quantum UX I received some critical messages (fortunately mostly positive) and some inquiries. In general, these inquiries mostly ...
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Upwork 2021 rebranding analysis cover

Upwork 2021 rebranding: a much improved look

So Upwork 2021 rebranding is here, and it's quite good! Following the trend of 2021, where many big brands are redesigning their visual identity, Upwork is also joining this bandwagon ...
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UX and crypto cover image

Is UX ready for the new cryptocurrency world?

So, as the poet said, times are a-changing. But … Are we, as UX professionals, prepared for the new world of cryptocurrencies and all that it brings? Well, let us ...
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Adobe acquires Figma

Adobe buys Figma: 5 reasons for hope or doom

Adobe's acquisition of Figma has changed the design landscape of UX. The question is whether this is for the worse or the better. In this article, we'll try to shed ...
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Lecanemab news: FDA approves it under the brand Leqembi

Lecanemab: new hope for Alzheimer’s comes at a $56,000 price

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today approved Leqembi (lecanemab-irmb) under the accelerated approval process for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. This new scientific advance in teh fight against Alzheimer's ...
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Human Centered Machine Learning: the good and the bad

Human Centered Machine Learning: the good and the bad

Welcome to yet another article on UX and Artificial Intelligence. This time we'll see what is human centered machine learning. But first thing first... What is human-centered machine learning? Human ...
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UX and CX: Jumbo's KletsKassa

Amazing CX: Jumbo creates slow checkout lanes

An amazing example of CX (Customer Experience) based on User Centered Design: In times of speed and automation, Jumbo fights loneliness by sticking to human factors Jumbo Supermarket, a Dutch ...
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interactive design: 2023 AI-based design front cover

Interactive design: Will 2023 be the breakthrough for AI-based design?

Interactive design is probably the most exciting area on UX. From purely digital experiences to physical UX, accessibility, IoT, and everything in between, we're accustomed to an interactive world in ...
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Google Optimize Sunset: GOes Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Breaking News: Google Optimize goes down on Sept. 30

Google Optimize, the popular website optimization and experimentation tool, is closing down on September 30, 2023. The decision was announced by Google in a mandatory email sent to users, in ...
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best AI tools in 2023 cover image

List of best AI tools in 2023

Yes, yet another list of the best AI tools in 2023! You have probably seen plenty of them. But, in our defense, if you follow our UX blog articles, you'll ...
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UX for mental health services and psychology platforms

New disrupting psychology platform launches on March 7

Aureliana Psicología Online is a new online psychology platform that we have been working hard on for almost 2 years. The platform was developed to meet the needs of Spanish ...
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Pepsi logo 2023 cover image

Pepsi logo 2023: unveiling a bold spirit

So here we have the all-new Pepsi logo 2023. And there's a lot to say about it! As we all know, PepsiCo has really made a name for itself. They're ...
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