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Physical UX: using 2 drive thru lanes

Physical UX: Are 2 lanes better for fast paced restaurants?

So I think we needed to have something about Physical UX and how installation design will improve user experience. In this case, I'll demonstrate this with mathematical theory (remember: UX ...
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2021 Peugeot Logo New Brand Design Cover

2021’s Peugeot logo: a giant new brand design spirit. Literally.

So 2021 seems to be the year of new brand designs. And Peugeot can't be the exception. The new Peugeot logo and brand redesign is something really special. After what ...
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ux design agency cover

The perfect UX design agency: 5 tips to check

When looking for a UX design agency, there are many doubts and questions. And let's face it, there are a lot of UX design agencies. Yet, many of them are ...
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dark patterns dunce

Do you like dark patterns? We already have the 2021 champion!

So this is a short one about dark patterns. For those who do not know, or are too lazy to check the previous link, a dark pattern is a pattern ...
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Figma UI not free anymore?

Huge news: Figma will no longer be free from April 2021

Well, sorta. In what is perhaps the most anticipated event in the history of UI software, Figma announced that from April 21, 2021, it changes its access model. In an ...
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Web development services agency

Web development: 10 tips to build a strong presence

Web development can be the ultimate weapon for any business. However, it can also be the worst burden. It all depends on what you do and how you do it ...
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wp custom development agency

Custom WordPress development: 5 reasons why you should do it.

Let's start with a secret: we are a custom WordPress development agency. OK, you may say think we are a UX company, and you'll be right. We specialize in UX ...
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affordable design vs cheap design and free design

Cheap Design or Affordable Design? What’s the difference?

Cheap design, affordable design, expensive design, even free design. All common ways of evaluating the price of one of the most important assets of any business: the brand. But as ...
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New Renault Logo 2021

New Renault logo 2021: Hail to the Renaulution concept

So it's time for a new Renault logo! The French brand launched a new logo... just like everybody else in automotive industry. However, there's a bit more to the story ...
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UNsplash Free Images Cover Photo

Good bye to free images? Getty Images acquires Unsplash.

In what we can call a completely unexpected move, Getty Images acquired Unsplash, one of the best-known copyright-free images providers. How does this affect web and UX designers? We'll answer ...
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Inter Milan new logo 2021 cover

Inter Milan’s 2021 new logo is on the wild!

The long-announced and long-awaited Inter Milan 2021 logo and new brand identity have finally been unveiled. Without much noise, el Inter, l'Internazionale, FC Internazionale Milano or just Internazionale Milano has ...
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History of User Experience Design Cover

The Great History of User Experience – Part 2

This is the second part of the article about the history of user experience, which starts with User Experience History: More than 100 years of amazing wonders. If you came ...
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XMI design cover image

What is XMI design? How does it fit in Quantum UX?

In this article, we will give a brief introduction to XMI. As if we didn't have too many acronyms already, we keep adding more! If you have read our article ...
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new Figma features cover

#config21: New Figma features to sweeten its paid model

So it's Doom's Day: Figma is no longer free. But there are some new Figma features to make up for the Figma paid model. The announcements were made at an ...
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Ux user categorization research

New UX User Categorizations to ease user research

Do we need new UX User categorizations? And if so, how and why? Are there any benefits or is it just a fad? Let's try to answer these questions in ...
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Sketch App Design changes

Breaking News: Sketch App announces big changes for 2021

Bohemian BV's flagship product , Sketch App, faces big changes this year. In an email sent to all Sketch subscribers, the company announced a number of changes, both in terms ...
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city branding book guidelines cover image

FREE 26 city branding books and style guides

Branding cities and countries is becoming increasingly popular, and if done right, it could mean a huge revenue stream for local governments. In this post, we'll take a tour through ...
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ux writing and ux upgrades cover

Perfect UX writing: AirBnB 2021 UX upgrades example

AirBnB had massive UX upgrades in 2021 and they did a master class in UX writing. The Covid 19 epidemic had a major impact on the hotel, lodging, and travel ...
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user interface design

6 years old kid amazing User Interface design skills!

So you think user interface design is difficult? Check this out: Mateo is only 6 years old and he does UI design (UID) just for fun. And not only that, ...
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Artificial Intelligence and UX

Artificial Intelligence and UX: a 2000 words Quantum UX practical example

Artificial intelligence and UX goes hand in hand. After my posts about Quantum UX and XMI, many people contacted us asking about practical uses of Quantum UX (it's as simple ...
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