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visual accessibility hero image

UX & Visual Accessibility: 9 golden principles to master (Infographic)

For a while we wanted to do an article about UX and visual accessibility. For those of us who develop our tasks in the world of user experience (UX), and ...
Danville high school student with a vision impairment wins graphic design competition

Student with a vision impairment wins graphic design competition

You know we're accessibility nerds. We create accessible stuff and design inclusive experiences. However, today we'll talk about designers with vision impairments who create their own experiences. And they're quite ...
marketing campaign for el pozo king

Marketing campaigns: Company says goodbye to 2020 in very creative way

The sub-brand "El Pozo King" of the Spanish brand "El Pozo Alimentación" launched a very creative marketing campaign that will probably go viral in the next few days. Provocative billboard ...
top free design tools 2021

25 free tools for UX, UI and web designers (2021 edition)

In this article, we'll take a look to some free tools we can use in User Experience design and development (UXD), as well as web design.

Many times we wonder how ...
factorial design experiments

Factorial design: A powerful research tool

In this article, we'll discuss factorial design experiments, a powerful methodology any researcher must know. Like any statistical research technique, it may sound a bit heavy. Therefore, I tried to ...
burger king rebranding campaign

Rebranding: Burger King going strong with its 2021 retro style.

Burger King's brand identity is undergoing a massive makeover, with a complete rebranding strategy, the first in more than 20 years. The new brand identity was created by Siegel + ...
Pfizer brand identity design cover

Pfizer’s Cool Brand Identity Design for 2021

Pfizer is ahead of its Covid vaccine with a brand identity design that supersedes the previous one from 2009. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said in the official relaunch statement:
"With Pfizer’s ...
design agency near me

How to identify a good design agency? 10 unmistakable signs (Part 1)

So you are looking for a design agency, but you don't know how to select the best one for your project. Let's face it: there are more design agencies than ...
Design firm near me

How to identify a good design firm? 10 unmistakable signs (Part 2)

How to choose the best design firm for our project? Let's see some tips to hire the best possible company to develop your brand or project. Note: This is the ...
kpi okr roi cover image

What’s the difference between OKR vs KPI? A quick and fast guide

Note: this article is a more developed version of the answer I gave to the question "What is the difference in ROI, KPIs, OKRs metrics?" (see original here). While some ...
MIDI brand design cover

MIDI gets a great modern brand design in 2021

It seems 2021 is going to be the year in which companies will renew their brand design and identity. We started the year with the Burger King and Pfizer rebranding ...
Gender inclusive UX design

Inclusive UX Design: The Best Way To Reach Universal UX?

Being as we are evangelists of accessibility and inclusion, it was about time we had an article on inclusive UX design, also known as Universal UX. Here at Dorve UX ...
Visual Identity for Inclusion

2021 Twitter’s New Visual Identity Loves Inclusion

Twitter presents a new visual identity based on Universal UX and inclusive design. The company wants to leave behind a very controversial year, which included accusations of spreading false news ...
Sensorial UX: Sensory integration in product design

Sensory UX: A new approach that improves user experiences

Sensory UX (aka Sensorial UX) is a new branch between the many UX disciplines. One particularity of Sensory UX is that it always existed, even in ancient times. And there ...
Design Thinking vs Quantum UX Differences

Quantum UX vs Design Thinking. Top 5 differences and quick guide

Design Thinking vs Quantum UX Due to the uniqueness of QUX and its fluid features, definitions alone may not be enough to understand how to use this paradigm. A good ...
Quantum UX (QUX) cover

Quantum UX and XCI: towards a powerful UX paradigm

Updated on February 11 , 2020 from the original "A basic intro to Quantum UX and XCI in User Experience." This article continues on Quantum UX vs Design Thinking. Top ...
Scientifc Research in UX: Heatmaps

How to do scientific research correctly in UX? A Simple 7 Step Guide

Scientific research is a set of phases in the search for an answer to a problematic situation. The method is the way forward in that search. That is, the procedures ...
Sustainable Design Packaging

Sustainable Design: Coca Cola shakes 2021 with first paper bottle packaging.

Coca Cola revolutionizes the world of Sustainable Design and Packaging with the first paper bottle. The bottle, designed in partnership between Coca Cola and Danish packaging design studio Paboco, is ...
ui/ux cover image

How did the controversial acronym UI/UX originate? The definitive answer

We got used to seeing this acronym UI/UX. For anyone who is related to the world of design, marketing, and especially the development of websites and mobile applications, this acronym ...
Example of different mcdonalds packaging rebranding

2021 new brand redesign for McDonald’s looks like…

Brand redesign season is open! In what we might call the "most anticipated event of 2021," McDonalds is responding to Burger King's rebranding with its own branding redesign. Brand redesign ...

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