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XCI is the acronym for X-Computer Interface, where X is an entity of any type, both biological and cybernetic.

renaulution xci qux
Renault’s Renaulution is an example of different entities that go beyond HCI

X-Computer Interface (XCI) explained

The term is coined for Quantum UX due to the need to point to actors in a more inclusive scenario than HCI with its limitations. Since HCI is strictly related to humans, it leaves out a lot of actors, specially in new scenarios where Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are the main actors or entities.

This concept it created to overcome this limitation: the X in XCI could be a human, an animal, a machine, artificial intelligence, etc. Therefore, it can be used in new UX theories and frameworks such as Universal UX, Sensorial UX and others.

You can read more about this subject at Academia.edu

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