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Wireframe is a technique used in UX and UI to refer to the creation of simple structures that guide the subsequent design process, both of web pages and of applications and physical objects.

Wireframes focus on:

The range of functions available.

The relative priorities of the information and functions.

The rules for displaying certain kinds of information.

The effect of different scenarios on the display.

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Types of wireframes

Wireframes can have different types, depending on its complexity and level of detail. There are 3 basic types

Low Fidelity

Low fidelity wireframes are those that are built on a very basic level of detail. They’re usually hand drawn, and should be the first step of any UI design process, without exception. This technique doesn’t use any kind of details like colors or shapes, it’s more like a free drawing exercise. The designer makes the idea flow in a free way, without much thought.

low fidelity wireframe example
Example of low fidelity wire-frame

Medium Fidelity

In this case, we have a higher level of detail. Still no colors, and no real words are needed. Instead, we only think of the elements we need to add to the user interface, such as navigation, information design and elements of user interface design. Medium fidelity website wireframes are built with software like Balsamiq, Figma, Pencil, Draw.io and many more.

High Fidelity

High fidelity wireframes are computer generated as well, and they have a greater level of details. They might even include some definitive elements (such as fonts, CTA placement, some wording that came from user research), but should not be confused with mockups, even though they might be very similar

Cyber Centaurs UX wireframe
High Quality wire-frame with annotations for developers made by our team

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