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Acronym for Website Analysis and Measurement Inventory. It refers to a tool to measure the usability of websites. It is usually used in conjunction with other methods.

WAMMI in a nutshell

The following is a definition by the official site

To assist the delivery of your online business goals, WAMMI:

Measures website user experience.

Benchmarks your website against our databases.

Tracks changes to website user experience over time.

Researches visitors to your site and what they think.

Generates clearly presented data for decision-making.

WAMMI is used in most market sectors (banking, finance, insurance, pensions, travel, telecom, ITC) and all types and sizes of transactional sites (B2B/e-commerce). WAMMI has been extended to measure user experience of corporate Intranets.

from About W.A.M.M.I official site

This method uses a 20-statement questionnaire divided in two groups. The questions in the survey are contrasted against a unique international database. Its uniqueness lies in that visitor satisfaction for the websites under evaluation is compared against values from the service’s previous databases. These database contain data from over 320 surveys, according to the own vendor

From a methodology point of view, it uses a Likert scale in order to research on user preferences (in other words, it analyzes concepts by using a quantitative methodology)

Example of WAMMI survey
Example of WAMMI survey

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