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UXD is the acronym for User Experience Design.

User Experience Design or UXD: when to use it

UXD and UX are usually interchangeable. However, this term has greater precision and focus. The user experience as a whole has many different specialties and disciplines. Therefore, we can use UXD to define those that are specifically responsible for the design of experiences. Other examples to define specializations: In User Experience Research, it is called UXR; For the cases of User Experience Engineering, the acronym UXE is used.

On the other hand, the acronym UX is incorrect to define the specialist in some branch of UX*. Given that the user experience happens on the user’s side and is subjective, saying UX does not define the discipline, but rather the experience that happens from different methods and techniques.

Nevertheless, using UX to define the discipline rather than the experience became very common, so we can use any of these acronyms, even though we may need additional explanations

uxd: example of a wirefram design
User Experience Design: design of wireframes for Equinix

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