Persona in UX

UX Personas: A simple method to identify our users accurately

Today we’ll talk about personas or personae , from a UX point of view. For all those who dedicate to the User Experience , the concept of personas  is nothing new, we use it constantly. However, for those who have just started on this fascinating path, this concept is really important....

The disciplines of User Experience

The disciplines of User Experience: An amazing world

The disciplines of User Experience are many and really varied. Most people automatically thinks in UI (User Interface) because that’s the most common output for UX work. However, UI is just a tiny, tiny, small discipline within the vast UX universe! As an example of all this wide range...

UX screens for mobile app

What’s the definition of User Experience? Stop wondering!

Before we start, we need to make something clear: There are many definitions of user experience . Some as broad as the disciplines of User Experience itself. Other definitions are more narrow and simple, but not less correct. Renowned usability  experts Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen present one of those definitions, perhaps the simplest and...