UX Research: stop guessing, make informed decisions

Our UX research services will help you make informed decisions. Instead of guessing and waiting for the best result to happen, we believe in data and information.

Therefore, each element, strategy or conceptualization has a rationale. We believe in leaving nothing to chance. Just as we believe that reducing risks is making you earn money.

This is why a UX Research service is the fundamental component of any strategy. The investment in research is easily recovered in the first moments of the launch of a project. Therefore, not using data in a commercial strategy does not represent a saving: on the contrary, it represents a sure loss.

UX Research may return up to 100x your investment

Not sure about the above? Then we can show you… data! Different studies show that “Every dollar invested in UX returns 10 to 100 dollars back” (source). But keep reading!

The previous quote is very easy to test. And it’s as simple as this: suppose you build a service, and you launch a website to promote it. Thus, you have a development process, and a design process as well. For example purposes, let’s say 30 hours spent in design and 70 in development, with a total cost of $10,000. So, $100 an hour on average.

And let’s suppose you expect your site to earn at least $ 200-300 per day to recover your investment in no more than 2 months.

Now, suppose you discover a problem on your website. Like, for example, that a button is not accessible. Therefore, you realize that you have to redesign the site. Which means you must pay a designer to reorganize the content in order to accommodate that button. And you must pay the developers to rebuild part of the site and make sure everything works. Maybe you should close your site for a day or two.

It’s very easy to see that your cost will grow, and your ROI will decrease. And we are talking about something simple and basic. Let alone losing important information such as customer color or copy preferences, or content or CTA location!

Worry not, we’re here to help you!

So now you realize the risks of “going blind”. And maybe you’re wondering how UX Research can modify the nightmare scenario described above.

Ux Research: Focus Group picture
Dr Mariana Arismendi setting up a focus group

We can provide you with information based data obtained from your customers and your competitors. We offer a wide range of services that include the following:

  • Heuristics Analysis
  • Competition Benchmarking
  • Usability Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Remote and Local User Testing
  • Continuous Testing (Post Launch, Analytics, User Engagement, Opportunities, Discoveries, etc.)

And most importantly: due to the characteristics of data-based services, we can guarantee results! And this is not an empty promise or something you can miss.

Think about this: How many companies can guarantee results? How many times have you seen that your investment is guaranteed and that your risks are minimal or zero?

This is the beauty of UX Research: it’s not magic, it’s not subjectivity, it’s information!

Not the service you’re looking for? Please make sure to check our Services page or just click here to contact us! Let’s start something great!