UI Design (UID): Affordable data driven digital interface design services

Our UI Design services help any vertical that uses digital interfaces. This includes web design, mobile, digital devices or any kind of GUI (Graphical User Interface).

UID is a very sophisticated discipline, and we use scientific methods to create our designs. Therefore, we begin with a thorough research process that complements our knowledge of the concepts and trends on user interface design.

Based on the above, we obtain a solid understanding of user behavior and possible interactions between the user and the system. Similarly, we get an idea of ​​the possible problems that may arise when using the interface. For example:

what happens once user interacts with a certain element?

Suppose the answer to the previous question is: “user will view an offer”

Now, we start to analyze the above process:

  1. Is the offer actionable?
  2. Is it easy to return to the previous state?
  3. Does the user have control over the system?
  4. Are we using the correct copy?
  5. And are we using the best possible CTA (Click To Action)?
  6. What happens after the user clicks the button?
  7. Are we measuring this behavior? Are we measuring all other behaviors?

And so on.

UI Design is science

Keep in mind that some of these questions are basic knowledge in both UI and UX. So, as true specialists in user interface design, we not only make beautiful images- Instead, we make interfaces that work and follow the best principles, such as 8 Golden Rules of Interface Design. As a matter of fact, this is a very easy test to spot a fraud. You can simply ask any UI designer what the basic UI rules are and what they would do in a case like the one mentioned above!

UI Design Example
Some people call it a mess… we call it beauty

The image above is a simple landing page. However, you will see at least two things: we work with wireframes and explore ALL possible interactions (those tangled blue lines). Then, we upload it to a collaborative service like InVision and test the interactions with users and stakeholders.

Data Driven Design to the rescue

So now we have everything working. And yet, we only have a scaffolding structure, and it looks pretty ugly. So, as you can imagine, it’s time to dress up these ugly screens!

But… how do we dress up these wireframes?

To better explain the previous question, take a look at the little infographic we create about the differences in user interface design and web design:

What is the difference between UI Design vs Web Design?
Web Design vs UI Design (click to enlarge)

A very easy and quick answer would be: when making user interface design services, we base all our decisions on research. It could be with real users, competition, trends or any data that helps us discover what will work best. In addition, we can design for any device that has a GUI.

On the opposite side, when we work as web designers, our approach is web (desktop, mobile or tablet), and we base our decisions on the requests of the interested parties, the trends or the instructions of UX. Note: keep in mind that we make both UI and Web, and even write instructions for web designers.

In other words: as UI designers, we will consider information architecture, interactions, accessibility, conversions and all kinds of metrics. As web designers, we cannot unlearn all of the above, but we relax things a bit and give more space to pure aesthetics and beauty.

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