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Our Search Engine Optimization services (or SEO) will increase the visibility of your product or service in Search Engines. We can help you improve results on Google, but also Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia and more.

Unlike other SEO services, we won’t promise you’ll rank on first page for a popular keyword. But we can guarantee you’ll rank higher than you are now. If you have a “not-too-common” keyword, you’ll probably rank on page 1, otherwise on page 2 for most competitive keywords.

Of course, we all know that there are variables to consider other than keywords alone. For example content length, site speed optimization, external linking, etc.

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Search Engine Optimization is a science that uses data

So, you might be wondering:

If I won’t rank on first page, why should I care?

And, quite honestly, you’ll have some reasonable grounds to be dubious. There’s really no reason to invest in SEO if you won’t get in pages 1 or 2 of search engines.

And then you may ask us:

If you say you can’t promise I’ll rank on page 1 of search engine results, why should I care to invest?

And the answer is: we can’t guarentee you’ll rank on first page for a common keyword. We understand you may want to rank first for a word like “SEO” or “Design”. Or “shopping”.

But keep in mind that you’ll have to compete with thousands of established companies. They invest a lot of time and money to do exactly the same you’re trying to do. Most of them had strategies that put them there after years of work.

So… it not realistic to expect you will compete against companies like those on high level keywords.

However, if your focus keyword is too competitive… you can compete on long tail keywords!

Since these are more specific and focused, you may get less traffic for each of these strings. But you may have as many long tails as you want. And more important: since they’re more focused, they convert way better.

Long Tail Keyword Example

Just in case you’re wondering what a long tail keyword is, we can describe it as a string of words that narrow a search. Kind of a cognitive pre-filtering, if you want.

For example, taking the examples mentioned above, an user may type “design” and get…

About 25,270,000,000 results (0.60 seconds) 

Google Search Results for keyword “design”

But this causes two main problems: visitors get too overwhelmed, or results on first page may not be relevant. Or after clicking on 3 or 4 or 10 results, user gets frustrated because it’s too difficult to find what she’s looking for. Maybe user is looking for “web design”, or “interior design”, or “design history” or whatever. So, most users will start to narrow the search adding cognitive filters.

And now, the same user may type something like “web design services in New York”. And get the following:

About 1,890,000,000 results (0.88 seconds) 

Google Search Results for keyword “web design services in New York”

As you can see, the user narrowed the search by adding more details, like “web design”, “services” (it could have been “examples” or “books” or whatever). Also, we can see there’s localization.

Search Engine Optimization Using Long Tail Keywords
Search Engine Optimization Using Long Tail Keywords

And now, we can see long tail keywords makes easier to find exactly what we’re looking for. Which makes conversion increase up to 1000% (it’s not an exageration) .

Simply put: instead of SEO you can go for “Search Engine Optimization” or “Search Engine Optimization Services”.

Or add even more granularity and go for (say) “Affordable Search Engine Optimization Services in Atlanta”.

Other SEO services

On top of just keyword research (whether single or longtail), we provide the following SEO related services:

Content Creation

Highly compelling content that will help your ranks go higher. We use a variety of techniques, including keywords, meta descriptions, headers and custom images.

Site Speed Optimization

Site Speed Optimization Results for our homepage
Dorve’s homepage Site Speed Optimization results

Site Speed Optimization is one of the most important variables of Google algorithm. We guarantee increases on all the variables measured by GTMetrix, Google Lighthouse and Pingdom.

SEO Analysis

We offer SEO Analysis services using manual and automated tools. These analysis includes:

  • SEO Heuristics and Baseline Delimitation
  • Competition Analysis
  • SEO Improvements (Analytics and KPI Based)

Social Media Integration

Maybe the most left out variables of most SEO campaigns, Social Media is one of the tools you need to use for SERPs. Because of its importance, we pay special attention to this variable. We cross reference your page with Social Media in order to get more links, traffic and authority. Which will make your SE position rank higher.

Link Building

While link building isn’t supposed to play a big role in nowadays SE strategies, it still has some effect. Specially on highly competing keywords, or when you need to outrank your competition. Thus, we offer this service as optional

Search Engine Optimization is the fastest way to grow your income!

By now, we’re sure you already know that. But just in case you didn’t, we can guarantee that our SEO services will boost your income. And that’s a promise!

Just think about this: any SEO enhancement we do in any page of your site will replicate on other existing pages, as well as future pages. And as we all know…

Better SEO = More Traffic = More Money

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