Marketing Services: Data Driven Strategies for Success

Our marketing services are structured around classic marketing premises combined with new strategies derived from technological developments. This means that we don’t use only the latest social media fads, nor the old classic marketing strategies. Instead, we use the proven concepts that gave rise to large companies and services. And then we apply these concepts to strategies that revolve around the possibilities provided by new technologies.

This process is holistic, based on pure data (hence, data driven). Unlike other companies that have magic formulas, we only believe in the data we can see. We can create an amazing brand, or great looking sites, or SEO content that is technically correct. But if all this is not validated by data, then it is worth very little.

Marketing Services and Research Image

Marketing Services: Our process

As you can see in the previous paragraphs, we attach the greatest importance to the data. And we apply it to all stages of our processes, including, of course, marketing services.

A common task would look more or less as follows:

  • We receive the request, including the objectives you are looking for
  • With the above, we analyze that request and create an action plan
  • Based on this action plan, we begin the investigation stage. It includes available customer data, competition analysis, client side heuristics, similar user cases, etc.
  • With this data, we define control baselines that we can use to compare with the work we will do.
  • After this, we begin to develop whatever is necessary
  • Then, we test the work. For this purpose, we use a variety of techniques and methodologies depending on what we are doing. These techniques could range from tests with real users (usability, focus groups and other methodologies) to remote tests or automated metrics
  • With the results obtained from the previous tests, we adjust what we need to adjust.
  • After the previous settings, we retest and adjust until we reach KPI (Key Performance Indicators) .

Some of our services

As you may imagine, we provide a broad range of services related to marketing.

Some of these services are:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • KPI and OKR (Objectives and key results) Consultation
  • Branding
  • Social Media Strategy and Management
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Innovative Campaigns
  • Political Marketing
  • ROI Increase
  • User Engagement Strategies
  • Mailing Campaigns
  • Site Speed Optimization
  • Traffic Increase
  • and many more marketing services!

Not finding the service you’re looking for? Please check our Services page or just click here to contact us! Let’s start something great!