IoT, App and CRM Design: Good Design Makes for Better Organization

IoT (acronym for Internet of Things) is undoubtly the next and logical step in technology for massive audiences. Working together with mobile apps and devices, it makes our life easier. But it also helps different industries reach new goals and redefine new levels of performance.

We do design and research for IoT, apps and CRM (Customer relationship management). At the time, we don’t do coding and development for any of the above. However, we deliver highly detailed experiences, going from user research and wireframes, to prototypes and UI (user interfaces).

IoT, apps and CRM. Why are they together?

We understand IoT as a concept that is more related to the organization of information and the result of such information and organization. This means: instead of a hard definition where IoT would be just the way certain products and services connect to the Internet, we believe in a soft definition. In our conceptualization, it becomes the way it connects to the Internet. But also the way users interact with things, the way things interact with each other and all possible combinations in between.

What about Apps?

In addition to the above, we have the same conceptualization for apps. We define apps as applications used in any type of device (preferably mobile, but not limited to them). But we conceptualize them in terms of their possibilities instead of what is perceived as their function.

To be clearer: instead of saying “this app must do a certain task and users must perceive it as such”, our concept is:

  • this app must do a certain task
  • users must perceive that task
  • this app must be open to transforming itself into different states and possibilities…
  • which must also be perceived by users.

Because of this conceptualization, we’re able to design experiences that are more complex. They should satisfy more needs and should be ready to interact with other apps and products. This is why we think of app design as more related to Iot than just an application that runs on a device.

And CRMs?

Same as apps, CRMs are more about possibilities than just lineal processes. Suppose this: a CRM task could be to create a record for a client. Then, the task is set to send a mail to the client on certain periods of time.

This is a classical CRM task and it is good. But we believe in a more holistic approach. Instead of focusing on the task, we focus on the record (the client) and all the possibilities that opens up.

Type of services

IoT dashboard example
A nice administration dashboard we created for Kudurru Stone

The following is a small list of the services we provide for organization and interaction of information:

  • IoT User Journeys and “Things” Connections
  • Interaction between User, Devices and Data
  • IoT User Interfaces
  • App Conceptualization
  • Mobile App Design
  • Applications and Internet of Things Research and Testing
  • CRM Experience Design
  • Administration Dashboards
  • Product concept and relationships

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