Customer Satisfaction and CX Services: Make your users get back again!

Customer Satisfaction and CX services are two of the most important variables to keep in mind in your marketing strategy. It costs 5 times more money to acquire new customers versus retaining existing ones.

And guess what: Only 18% of companies focus on client retention. You read it correctly: only 18%!

So, there is a clear indicator that you have a massive opportunity to grow your income.

And even more: you’ll probably outrank your competitors.

If you don’t believe it, keep reading.

Customer Satisfaction vs CX Services vs Customer Support.

While all these concepts seem very similar, they are in fact quite different.

Customer Satisfaction (or CSAT) measures the level of expectation a user gets from a product or service

Meanwhile, CX (short for Customer Experience) is a discipline that creates, evaluates and analyzes such level of expectations. CX is one of the many disciplines that give form to UX.

Finally, Customer Support (or CS) is the part of a CX strategy that deals with customers. It usually relates to help and support, but many times is used for sales.

To recap: the first one is a measurement. The second one a paradigm or discipline. And finally, CS is a range of applied techniques or services.

Note: you can read a full article on CX here.

How we use data to give you results

Customer Satisfaction and CX Services: NPS scale

Before going deep, check the image above. It displays a very simple scale, the NPS (or Net Promoter Score).