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Yes, yet another list of the best AI tools in 2023! You have probably seen plenty of them. But, in our defense, if you follow our UX blog articles, you’ll know we were among the first evangelists of AI, at least in the UX field. Hey, we created our own UX framework mostly based on AI in 2014 (yes, I’m talking about Quantum UX), so it’s kind of logical to have this post. Especially because we always recommend tools and give freebies, so this post is kinda expected.

Artificial Intelligence Tools: what’s the fuss?

As you probably know, 2023 is the year of AI tools. All of a sudden, every startup is based on AI, AI is everywhere, and there are a lot of discussions on whether it’s good or bad for people, or if it will take people’s jobs, or if it will become some kind of dystopian terminator-like overlord or whatever.

The hype around AI has some good reasons. For better or for worse, the world will never be the same. I, for one, think that it will be for the better. Either way, that alone justifies the hype and media coverage.

Yes, now everybody is an AI master, even your grandma can create her own avatar in 3D with just a simple prompt (one important thing everybody is missing about AI: one of the most important things is the use of natural language).

And while there are some players that have clearly taken the lead, such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, there are quite a lot of AI tools emerging almost every day. From that increasingly big list, we chose some AI tools we think stand out from the rest, at least for the first 3 months of 2023 (who knows what will happen in the next 9 months!).

Best AI tools for audio and video

1. VoicePen AI: Convert audio content into blog posts, using AI.

VoicePen is an innovative AI-powered application that enables you to effortlessly create engaging blog posts from audio recordings, in just a matter of minutes. The process is simple: all you need to do is upload your audio or video file, and let VoicePen’s cutting-edge AI technology transcribe and generate a blog post for you.

Cool AI tools: Voice Pen AI

VoicePen offers support for 96 languages, although some of them may have slightly lower accuracy levels than others.

It’s important to note that while this exceptional app is not free, it offers a variety of flexible pricing plans starting at just $4.99, ensuring that it remains affordable for everyone.

2. Krisp: AI tool for removing background voices, noises, and echo from calls.

Krisp revolutionizes the way online meetings are conducted by offering advanced features powered by AI technology such as Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant. With Krisp, distracting background noises caused by other participants talking in the same room are eliminated, leaving only your clear voice in the call.

List of best AI tools in 2023 1

In addition, Krisp provides an automatic meeting transcription service that seamlessly integrates with all voice applications and doesn’t require any extensions or plugins.

One of the standout features of is the availability of its free forever plan, which may suit the needs of most users (with some limitations). This allows individuals to experience the benefits of Krisp’s technology without any financial commitment.

3. Beatoven: AI tool for creating custom royalty-free music. is a cutting-edge music generation platform that utilizes advanced AI techniques to create original music tailored to your specific needs. With AI technology, combine advanced music theory and production concepts to deliver unique music tracks that fit your video or podcast perfectly.

best artificial intelligence tools:

Customization is key, and the platform allows you to customize the length, genre, mood, and instruments used in your music tracks. The result is production-ready music that meets industry standards for mixing and mastering.

Signing up is easy and free, and you can create unlimited projects with the platform. Plus, every month, you can download up to 15 minutes of free music, giving you plenty of opportunities to experiment with the AI-generated music and find the perfect track for your needs. Experience the power of AI-generated music with today!

4. Cleanvoice: AI tool for automatically editing podcast episodes.

Cleanvoice is the ultimate solution for removing filler noise, stuttering and mouth noise from your podcasts or audio recordings. The advanced artificial intelligence algorithm detects and removes filler sounds like “um’s” and “ah’s” in multiple languages, including German and French. The tool even take into account different accents, such as Australian and Irish.

List of best AI tools in 2023 2

Clicks, lip sounds, and stutters can be frustrating audio recording artifacts, but Cleanvoice can detect and remove them for you. They also know that dead air can be detrimental to your audience’s engagement, which is why our Deadair Remover identifies excessively long pauses and shortens them.

They know that some users prefer manual editing. That’s why the tool allow you to export the timeline from your editor and use Cleanvoice to control your editing process. This gives you more control and helps you save time during the editing process.

The platform offers 30 minutes of free audio editing that does not require a credit card. If you need more editing time, you can subscribe to one of their plans: 10 hours per month for 10 euros, 30 hours per month for 25 euros, or 100 hours per month for 80 euros. Alternatively, you can pay for as little as 10 euros for 5 hours of audio editing with our hourly rate.

5. Podcastle: AI tool for studio-quality recording from your computer.

Podcastle is an audio and video creation toolkit that offers unmatched simplicity and exceptional quality. The web-based platform enables multitrack editing and audio enhancement in just a few clicks, so you can create professional-quality content without the need for expensive equipment.

best AI tools in 2023: Podcastle

Whether you’re recording individually or in groups, Podcastle makes it easy to get started. With their free online audio editor, you can easily create, edit, and enhance your podcasts, remove background noise and improve the clarity of your speech with just a few clicks. You can even convert text to speech or edit audio by editing text with our realistic voice skins.

With instant, lossless downloads, you can seamlessly get your show on the road and share your content with your audience. The free version of Podcastle provides access to most features without requiring you to sign up with a credit card. If you need more advanced features and capabilities, you can upgrade to the Storyteller, Pro, or Enterprise plans, starting at $11.99 per month per year.

6. Vidyo: AI tool for making short-form videos from long-form content.

Want to save time and effort by creating social media content from your long videos? With, you can automatically select, edit, and caption the best moments from your videos with their AI-powered platform. Create viral short clips with subtitles, templates, emojis and more for all social media apps. One of the best AI tools in 2023 so far!

best AI tools in 2023:

Their AI is specially trained to repurpose content from podcasts, webinars, and videos. It can effortlessly identify chapters and the most exciting moments from your videos to help you create high-quality, social media-ready content.

Right now they only support English videos, but they will be adding more languages soon. With, you get 75 minutes of free uploads every month, or you can opt for a more-featured plan that starts at $29.99 per month. You only pay for the upload minutes and can download unlimited videos, so you can create as much content as you need.

Turn your long videos into socially acceptable short clips and take your content to the next level with

7. Maverick: AI tool for generating personalized videos at scale.

Are you an e-commerce business looking to create personalized interactions with your customers at scale? Then Maverick is the right place for you. Their AI-generated video platform allows you to deliver personalized video messages to each of your customers during their journey with your brand.

With Maverick, you can address your customers by name without having to record a new video for each one. Whether you’re welcoming someone to your email list or retweeting a customer from years ago, videos created with Maverick create excitement and results.

The Starter plan is just $100 per month, with an additional $50 per month for each additional video stream. If you need more advanced features, they also offer a Pro plan with custom pricing.

8. Soundraw: AI tool for creating original music.

Experience the magic of royalty-free music with AI-generated tracks tailored just for you! Choose your preferred mood, genre and length, and Soundraw’s intelligent system will create beautiful songs to suit your needs.

Music AI tool: soundraw

With Soundraw’s music app, you can easily customize the tracks to suit your needs. Besides, you don’t need to worry about copyright infringement, because the music is absolutely safe to use.

You can choose between the free and the premium plan for just $16.99 per month and enjoy a number of exclusive features. The platform is available in both English and Japanese, making it accessible to users all over the world.

 9. Otter: AI tool for capturing and sharing insights from meetings.

Improve your meetings with the ultimate AI assistant! Their state-of-the-art tool records audio, writes notes, automatically captures slides, and creates summaries – all in one seamless process.

best AI tools for 2023: Otter

With the Meeting Assistant, you can now write notes and create meeting summaries 30x faster and collaborate with teammates in real time. Their live transcription feature lets you add comments, highlight key points, and assign action items to keep everyone on the same page.

And with automatic summaries, you’ll keep track of the most important points from the meeting.

You can choose use the platform freely or choose from a range of subscription plans, starting at just $8.33 per month, and experience the power of the Otter AI meeting assistant.

Best AI Tools for Design

1. Flair: AI tool for designing branded content.

Flair is one of teh best AI tools in 2023, and with good reasons. Flair is the ultimate AI design tool for CPG products! The innovative platform supports a wide range of products including cans, bottles, cups, packaging and more.

It’s easy to get started: simply select a product photo, remove the background, adjust the size, and describe your desired photo shoot. Thr advanced AI technology generates stunning, high-quality images that showcase your product perfectly.

You can try the tool for free, with 30 free images, or subscribe to their Professional subscription starting at just $10/month, with unlimited images and a range of other features.

2. Illustroke: AI tool for creating vector images from text prompts.

Transform your text prompts into stunning vector illustrations with their state-of-the-art AI tool! With a simple description of the image you want to create, the powerful text-to-SVG generator delivers high-quality illustrations that are truly unique.

List of best AI tools in 2023 3

While this tool is not free, it is incredibly affordable and easy to use. The system is managed via tokens. With one token, you get an illustration with three unique variants, from which you can choose the style that best suits your needs.

You can purchase 50 tokens for as little as $6 or upgrade to 200 tokens for $18, giving you even more flexibility and creativity with your designs. And as a special bonus, you can get a promo code by sending them a message via Twitter.

3. Stockimg: AI tool for generating the perfect stock photo.

Are you interested in using artificial intelligence to create stunning images? Look no further than Stockimg! This cutting-edge AI tool can generate designs for a variety of purposes, including book covers, stock images, wallpapers, posters, logos, illustrations, and more. Simply enter your prompt and the tool will deliver a unique and customized design just for you.

List of best AI tools in 2023 4

They offer a free trial for first-time users, so you can experience the power of Stockimg before committing to a plan. And once you’re ready to subscribe, they have a range of affordable plans starting at just $19 per month. With Stockimg, the possibilities for beautiful, AI-generated designs are endless!

4. Looka: AI tool for designing your brand.

Looking to design a beautiful brand that you’ll love? Look no further than Looka’s AI-powered platform! With Looka, you can easily design a logo and create a brand that’s uniquely you. The platform provides everything you need to launch your brand and look great from day one, all without the hassle of heavy graphic design work.

List of best AI tools in 2023 5

The best part? You have complete creative control. Looka’s AI technology works in harmony with your design preferences to create beautiful logos that you’ll love. Once you have your perfect logo, you can use their Brand Kit to access over 300 branded templates, create custom marketing assets, build a website, and launch your business!

Best Copy and Content AI Tools:

1. Copy: AI tool for generating copy that increases conversions.

Introducing, the AI-powered content generator that can help you with all your writing needs! Whether you’re a blogger, social media manager, or email marketer, Copy can help you write faster, more engaging content that converts.

List of best AI tools in 2023 6

With Copy, you can leverage the power of AI to generate high-quality content and copy in just minutes. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hours spent staring at a blank page! Copy can help you write blogs 10x faster, create higher converting social media posts, and craft more engaging emails. Plus, with over 90 content types to explore, the possibilities are endless!

And the best part? You can try Copy for free with no credit card required.

2. CopyMonkey: AI tool for creating Amazon listings in seconds.

Looking to optimize your Amazon listings and boost your organic search ranking? CopyMonkey has you covered! Their AI-powered platform generates and optimizes your Amazon listings in seconds, ensuring all of the important keywords are in place to get you ranking higher on the first page.

The AI algorithm generates keyword-optimized bullet points and descriptions for you, so you won’t miss any important keywords that your customers are searching for.

List of best AI tools in 2023 7

CopyMonkey also provides insights on your competitors’ strategies, analyzing what works for them and using best practices to inform your own listing. Plus, with features like Search Frequency Rank and Click Share & Conversion Share, you can apply relevant and high-performing keywords to your listing.

And if you subscribe to one of the annual paid plans, you’ll get six months free! Theirplans start at just $24 per month, making it easy and affordable to optimize your Amazon listings with the power of AI.

3. Ocoya: AI tool for creating and scheduling social media content.

Want to streamline your content creation and planning process? Then Ocoya AI-powered platform is just what you need! You can create and publish content quickly, whether you’re focused on social media, content marketing, or copywriting.

List of best AI tools in 2023 8

The AI wizard helps you create marketing copy for social media posts or blogs in 26 languages, so you can connect with your audience no matter where they’re. Plus, there’s no need to spend hours in Photoshop – the platform lets you discover thousands of image and video templates and create professional graphics in seconds.

Whether you prefer to create content manually in our dashboard or let the AI do the work for you, their platform makes it easy to produce high-quality content and schedule it for publication. And thanks to seamless integration with your store, you can create professional graphics and marketing copy in no time.

You can try the tool for free with a social profile or upgrade to one of our paid packages starting at just $15 per month. With OCoya AI-powered platform, you can create and schedule content faster than ever before.

4. Unbounce Smart Copy: AI tool for writing high-performing cold emails at scale.

Looking for smart marketing tools to drive your business forward? Unbounce is the AI-powered landing page builder you’ve been looking for. With a suite of smart features, you can create beautiful, powerful marketing campaigns in just minutes.

List of best AI tools in 2023 9

Whether you’re focused on search, social media, email, or any other marketing channel, Unbounce makes it easy to create visitor experiences that drive more people to buy what you’re selling. With the platform, you can turn more of your website visitors into customers and grow your business like never before.

Plus, with a free trial available for 14 days, there’s no better time to try Unbounce for yourself and see the results firsthand.

5. Puzzle: AI tool for building a knowledge base for your team and customers.

Puzzle Labs offers an intelligent glossary tool that helps users understand complex information by providing clear and concise definitions of key terms and concepts. With just a few clicks, users can turn their existing content into a dynamic glossary that can be embedded in their blog or documentation to highlight, define, and link to relevant content.

The company believes that understanding complex information should be easy and enjoyable, and is developing all the necessary tools to create the best possible customer experience. By using Puzzle Labs’ glossary tool, users can ensure that their customers learn from them and not just from search engines.

There are two pricing plans for the tool. The first is a free plan that allows users to create up to 10 concepts. The second is the premium plan, which costs $19 per month. There is also an Enterprise plan, for which you must contact Puzzle Labs.

Image and Content Clean-up AI Tools:

1. Cleanup: AI tool for removing objects, defects, people, or text from pictures.

Inpainting is a retouching technology that allows you to remove unwanted objects or people from photos, commonly known as object removal. In the past, this was usually accomplished with a cloning tool like Inpaint. However, with the use of artificial intelligence, much better results can be achieved.

List of best AI tools in 2023 10

Cleanup.Pictures is an advanced photo editing tool that uses AI technology to remove unwanted text, people and objects with just a few clicks. Unlike other clone stamp tools, such as Adobe Photoshop Fix, which require a background reference, Cleanup.Pictures can guess exactly what is behind the unwanted element, resulting in a much smoother and seamless editing process. Also, there is no limit to the size of the image that can be imported and edited in Cleanup.Pictures.

In the free version of Cleanup.Pictures, the export size is limited to 720 pixels. However, there is no size limit for the Pro version, which is available for a subscription of $5 per month or $36 per year ($3 per month) and is required for processing high-resolution images. The image quality of the exported images is continuously improved by the Cleanup.Pictures team.

The tool is available for both mobile and desktop use, allowing users to process their photos on the go or at work.

2. Inkforall: AI tool for content generation, optimization, and performance.

INK: The Safe AI Tool for Content Marketing

As Google and other platforms become more vigilant in recognizing AI-generated content, it’s important to use a tool that puts security first. That’s where INK comes in: an all-in-one AI content platform that lets you create text and visual content ten times faster and easier.

List of best AI tools in 2023 11

With patented SEO and user engagement optimization, INK increases your reach by up to 450%. But what sets the platform apart from other solutions is its real-time audience research that enables better conversion.

Best of all, INK offers free courses, videos, support, and a community to help you improve content performance. And you can try it for free for 5 days by signing up for one of two plans: Professional, which costs $39 per month, or Enterprise, which costs $99 per month.

Best AI Tools for Data Presentation

1. STORYD: It creates AI data presentations leaders love, in seconds.

Get Noticed by Leaders with STORYD’s Clear Presentations

If your presentations lack clarity, leaders may overlook your hard work. But with STORYD, you can create compelling presentations that grab their attention and get you recognized.

List of best AI tools in 2023 12

So how does it work? It’s simple:

Step 1: Write a few sentences about the key message and structure of your presentation.
Step 2: Watch STORYD create a professional quality presentation in just 60 seconds.
Step 3: Export the presentation to PowerPoint and impress your audience.

With STORYD you can save time and effort and still create impressive presentations. Plus, you can try it for free or subscribe to the PRO plan for only $18 per month.

Best AI Database Tools

1. SyntheticAIdata: Accelerate Your Vision AI Model Creation

Synthetic data is a cost-effective method for training and improving AI models, especially for computer vision tasks such as image classification, image segmentation, and object recognition. With SyntheticAIdata, you can easily generate large synthetic datasets that significantly speed up the training of AI models and help you bring AI-powered applications to market faster.

List of best AI tools in 2023 13

Generating synthetic datasets takes just three steps: upload your 3D model, configure the options, and download the generated data. SyntheticAIdata offers great features like 3D models, backgrounds, lighting, annotation types, and scaling, so you can easily generate large datasets. This not only saves money on your projects, but also reduces the risk of human error.

Synthetic data is one of the most promising techniques in modern Deep Learning, especially for computer vision tasks. Coming soon, SyntheticAIdata will be open to developers around the world, offering easy synthetic data generation for AI model training and integration with various cloud-based services such as Azure Custom Vision and Edge Impulse.

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