Guaranteed and Affordable Results for Your Business.

Guaranteed and Affordable Results for Your Business.

We offer guaranteed results on some of our services, meaning real, measurable results. When we say “measurable” results, we mean measurable by third-party tools. These tools may include:

  • Analytics goals and traffic
  • Usability
  • Speed tests
  • E-commerce sales
  • And other tools

In short, we guarantee results based on data we can measure. We are fully convinced about the quality of our services, and so is our ever-growing list of clients. We consistently prove that as long as we can measure data, our assumptions are true. We also prove that scientific methods are always superior to any type of subjectivity. It is through the use of these same scientific methods that we can guarantee results.

Limitations to Our Guarantee

As you might imagine, there are some limitations to this guarantee. We are not talking about magic, but scientific methods. The following services are not covered by this guaranteed results commitment:

  • Web design (unless it includes UI Design with a proper UXD process)
  • Coding (if the results are not measurable)
  • User research or other subjective research (if it is only research without application)
  • Tasks where data is not a component
  • Any work that does not include previous research or baselines (thus, we cannot compare)
  • And, in short, any kind of task that we cannot measure
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How does our Guaranteed Results policy work?

This process is really simple:

  1. First, we study the requirements for the task* and analyze all existing data.
  2. After the above-mentioned study, we extract insights.
  3. Then, we provide clients with information on all areas that can be enhanced.
  4. After this, we reach a goals agreement based on the reports and insights mentioned in the previous step.
  5. Finally, we write such goals agreement into a contract, and we abide by it to reach those goals or better.
  6. Assuming we don’t reach such goals, we refund 100% of the money already paid.

As you can see, we keep things easy and simple.

*Note: Keep in mind that for big projects, we require a non-refundable fee to study requirements. This doesn’t apply to small projects.

Commonly Covered Services

As long as we have access to the necessary data, especially the baselines we need to compare results, most of our projects are covered. This is particularly true for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Quantitative Research, Marketing, Applied Qualitative Research, and other specialties that deal with data.

It also applies to most development tasks where we assume the baseline is zero; in other words, we develop something from scratch, so it has to work (and it always does!). Therefore, our guarantee covers most development work as stated in the contract for each project. However, it doesn’t cover additional features not stipulated in the original contract.

What do we require?

The following list of requirements applies to our Guaranteed Results commitment:

  • Baseline Data: We require baseline data for comparison.
  • Access to Measurement Tools: We need access to the tools used to measure results (privacy will be covered with an NDA). This includes tools such as Google Analytics, WordPress, Hotjar, WooCommerce, etc.
  • Access to Code: We require access to FTP and the ability to add our own scripts to the code. Optionally, the client can do this.
  • Commitment to Implement Suggestions: The client must commit to implementing every suggestion we make, without exception.

In summary, our requirements are straightforward. We don’t create problems; we solve them.

Our UX services are affordable and accessible for all kinds of clients, from small startups to large companies. Regardless of the size of your business, we base all decisions on data to give your business the boost it needs.

And just in case you’re unsure, take a look at what people think about us and our services in our UX clients testimonials!

Don’t wait any longer—experience the certainty of knowing your results! It’s a real difference.

If you have any questions or concerns about our guaranteed results policy, please contact us and we will respond quickly.