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A UX report is a central part of any online business. It is like checking your bank account or your results sheet. You won’t go very far without real information about your site.

By analogy, doing a business checkup is not much different than doing your routine medical checkup. In the first case, it is to take care of your economic well-being. In the second, to take care of your health.

After all … are you going on a trip without checking your car’s engine first?

And we are only talking about your car.

Now how did you buy that car? How do you pay your bills? How do you pay your house rental or purchase?

Doesn’t all that depend on your business?

So how is it possible that the vast majority of websites do not pass even the smallest of user experience measurements?

And here comes the most important part: Most of those sites are about to lose much of their business.

I repeat, in case it was not clear the first time:

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The bad news for most websites

What you are about to read below should not be news. In reality, having detailed information about your business is the norm in any company that works professionally.

However, for whatever reason, it is not. And now comes the time when all those sites that are not prepared for what is coming, are going to suffer a severe blow to reality.

UX report: beat Google before it beats you!
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Google announced that its positioning algorithm in its search engine will include UX as a fundamental part of said algorithm.

And as you have already read above, most websites would not manage to pass almost any user experience heuristics.

Is your site in that group? Yes or no? And how do you know?

UX report to the rescue

This is why as UX experts with decades of experience we can help you before your website and your income are affected!

We know that for many people UX is a kind of mythological word that generates results by magic but that is only available to large companies.

For other people, it’s something called UX / UI (spoiler alert: there is no such thing) and it actually means web design.

For other people it doesn’t mean anything.

And for a few, UX is a scientific method of obtaining results through research using objective data from reality.

The latter are correct. There is nothing magical. It is only data analysis and testing with users.

But you have to know how to do it.

A UX report is a complex tool that involves a cross-linking of data on the one hand, and a deep understanding of different disciplines on the other.

And that’s what Google is going to require of you in a few months.

In fact, and not to alarm you: it already started.

You’ve probably heard people complaining because suddenly they lost a lot of traffic to their website. Maybe you are one of those affected!

And if you use Page Speed ​​Insight and Google Search Console you’ve probably seen changes and errors that you didn’t have before.

And if you use Google Lighthouse, you’ve probably noticed that Accessibility is required.

But even if Google doesn’t demand it, a better user experience will result in a site with more visits, more conversions and more revenue.

In other words: what for many represents a great problem is actually a great opportunity. Those who are prepared, will win more at the cost of a competition that looks without knowing what to do.

All this is what our UX Report is going to tell you: what you are doing well, and what you must solve.

In a simple, direct and uncomplicated way.

What’s more, if you need help solving problems, we can do it for you. Or tell you what exactly to do.

If you don't want to do it, your competitors will. As easy as that. Share on X

What does the Dorve UX Report include?

Our report includes a detailed analysis of all the heuristics necessary to improve the user experience of your site. Although clearly oriented towards the new requirements of Google, we will also tell you other aspects. Some of them will probably be required in a very short time, so it doesn’t hurt.

But let’s put it in numbers: only with our accessibility report can you reach a large number of our users. As an example:

  • 8% of men suffer from color blindness. If we add up all the forms of visual disabilities, it reaches 17%. That represents 1.3 billion people in the world.
  • Almost 1 billion people are over 60 and cannot see your site well, or do not understand how to use it
  • Between 5 and 10% of the population suffers from dyslexia.
  • About 6% of the world population is deaf

Do the math.

Attention: Our UX Report will not solve any problems that we find. It will only tell you what they are, and how to fix them.

User experience report details

New Google Page Experience Requirements

UX Report: New Google Requirements
UX Report: An example of a site built by us with perfect score on all the heuristics required by Google for its new algorithm

Largest Contentful Paint (LCP):

LCP measures loading performance. To provide a good user experience, LCP should occur within 2.5 seconds of when the page first starts loading.

First Input Delay (FID)

FID measures interactivity. To provide a good user experience, pages should have a FID of less than 100 milliseconds.

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)

CLS measures visual stability. To provide a good user experience, pages should maintain a CLS of less than 0.1.

Classic Google Requirements

Mobile Friendly

According to Google, here’s what you need to consider:

If not mobile-friendly, a site can be difficult to view and use on a mobile device. A non-mobile-friendly site requires users to pinch or zoom in order to read the content. Users find this a frustrating experience and are likely to abandon the site.

Google Mobile Friendly Guidelines

Best Practices

  • Avoid redirects to landing pages
  • Enable compression
  • Improve server response time
  • Take advantage of browser caching
  • Minify resources
  • Optimize images
  • Optimize CSS delivery
  • Prioritize visible content
  • Remove render-blocking JavaScript

No intrusive interstitials

Intrusive interstitials are the famous pop-up ads. They usually block interaction with a page, which is the definition of a bad user experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On Page SEO

We will break down a list of issues an dopportunities to get a better ranking witrh your page

Technical SEO

A list of all technical issues that may be affecting your SEO and how to solve them.


UX report: Accessibility
UX Report on how to choose accessible colors for color blindness

Our UX report includes the following heuristics:

General accessibility readiness

A list of general issues on your site, and how to comply with WCAG Level 2 (the minimum required by law)

Accessibility measurement for color blindness and total blindness

Is your site ready for partial or total blindness conditions? Our UX Report will let you know without a shadow of a doubt!

Preparation for accessibility for motor disabilities

Can your site be accessed by people with different type of motor disabilities? We’ll let you know, and also tell you what to do in order to comply

Accessibility for neurological disorders and neuropsychological conditions

Can your site be accessed by people with dyslexia, autism, Huntington’ disease, etc?

User Research (Basic Mode)

This is not covered in the UX report, but for a very small sum, we can provide you with a report on what is people doing, and more specially, what they want to do. How they perceive it, how the access it, what calls their attention, what do they ignore.

UX Report Advanced: Heatmaps
An example of our User Research UX Report using heatmaps
  • User behavior on your main page using Heatmaps
  • Demographics
  • Interests
  • Opportunity

Get your UX report right now!

Interested in getting your UX report? Of course you do!

Now, you might be wondering: how much will this cost me?

The answer is: very little. Both in relative and absolute terms.

In relative terms, this could literally save your life (well, your way of life, at least) so its value is priceless. In absolute terms: Much less than a visit to your mechanic.

Sounds nice? It sure does!

The usual cost for this is $1200 (yes, we’re extremely affordable). But today, you’ll get it for only $299. You read it right: That’s a 75% discount!

And if you want the User Research Add-on, we will charge you only $149 for it. A $1500 value at less than 10% of its real price.

I won’t lie you. We don’t give away work for cheap just like that. We hope you will realize the value of UX work, and will eventually hire us to help you improve your site’s user experience. That’s a bet we’re doing.

The “worst” that could happen is that you won’t lose your traffic or your income.

Either way, it’s a WIN WIN for you. You’ll get the same kind of work companies like Leica, Facebook, Citi or Google gets, at a tiny little fraction of the real cost.

UX Reporting FAQ

Q: Is there a catch?

No, there’s no catch.

Well, sort of. We’re a small company and can only provide a limited number of UX reports. It’s not like we can provide 1000 reports a month, which is a realistic number at this price tag.

So the only “catch” is… first come, first served. We’re not sure about how many reports we can provide, so we don’t have a firm number. But this offer may end any time. And then, you’ll need to find someone to do this for you. Probably at real price

Q: Can you fix my site for me?

Yes, of course. That’s the whole idea of this offer. As a matter of fact, we can offer a Page Speed Optimization service right out off the bat, for only $249. And like all our services, it’s guaranteed!

Q: Can you provide other services outside of the scope of your UX report?

We always give our clients a UX Report with full heuristics and insights, so all our services are included in a UX report. However, for what it respects to this Google oriented promo, the answer is yes, no problem

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