An Honest Review of Behance Pro: Is It Worth It?

Last Modified: Mar 15th, 2024 - Category: News
An Honest Review of Behance Pro: Is It Worth It? 1

Alright, let’s talk about something that’s been buzzing in the creative world recently – Adobe’s big announcement: Behance Pro. If you’ve been anywhere near Behance or basically any social media platform where creatives hang out, you’ve likely caught wind of this. Adobe decided to roll out a new tier for Behance, dubbed “Behance Pro,” and it’s stirred up quite a bit of chatter, both good and bad. So, I thought it’d be cool to take a closer, more casual look at what’s going down, what’s new, and whether this whole Pro thing is worth getting excited about (or not).

So, What’s the Deal with Behance Pro?

First off, for those who might not be totally in the loop, Behance is Adobe’s platform where creatives of all types – from graphic designers to photographers – can showcase their work. It’s been a go-to for finding inspiration, getting your talent noticed, and even landing gigs. On March 14, 2024, Adobe decided to shake things up by introducing Behance Pro.

Image demonstrating an example of Behance Pro portfolio

Introduction to Behance and the Adobe World

Alright, let’s dive a bit deeper and chat about what Behance really is, especially for those who might be new to the scene or have been living under a digital rock (no judgment, it’s cozy under there). Behance is essentially the Instagram for creatives, minus the selfies and food pics (usually). It’s where the magic happens for graphic designers, illustrators, photographers, and pretty much anyone who likes to make cool stuff and show it off. Think of it as a massive online gallery where you can get lost for hours, jumping from one inspiring project to another. And yes, tools like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop play a starring role in many of these masterpieces.

Illustrator and Photoshop: The Dynamic Duo

When you scroll through Behance, you’ll see Illustrator and Photoshop’s fingerprints everywhere. Illustrator, with its vector-based magic, is the go-to for logos, typography, and those sleek, scalable designs that make you go “wow.” Then there’s Photoshop, the Swiss Army knife of photo editing, where creativity meets no bounds—from mind-bending photo manipulations to jaw-dropping digital paintings. These two are like the Batman and Robin of the Adobe Creative Suite, essential tools for anyone serious about making their mark on Behance.

Not Just Illustrator and Photoshop

While we’re on the subject, it’s not just Illustrator and Photoshop getting all the love. Adobe’s got a whole arsenal of creative tools that pop up on Behance. After Effects for those mesmerizing motion graphics, Premiere Pro for cutting-edge video projects, and even the underdog, Adobe XD, for sleek UI designs (more on XD in a sec).

The Figma Acquisition That Wasn’t and the Adobe XD Debacle

Speaking of UI design, let’s touch on a couple of elephants in the room: the failed Figma acquisition and the whole Adobe XD situation. So, Adobe tried to buy Figma, the darling of the design world, for a cool $20 billion. Yes, billion with a “B.” But then, antitrust regulators were like, “Hmm, let’s think about that,” putting the whole deal in limbo. This was a bit of a soap opera in the design community, stirring up all sorts of feelings about competition, innovation, and what it means for the future of design tools.

And then there’s Adobe XD, which was supposed to be Adobe’s answer to Figma and the like. It started with a bang, promising a seamless design-to-prototype experience. But let’s just say the journey’s been a bit rocky. Adobe XD hasn’t quite become the Figma-killer some had hoped, leading to a mixed bag of feelings within the community. Some love it, some wish it were more, and others are just waiting to see what happens next.

So, What’s the Behance Connection?

Behance is this unique crossroads where all of Adobe’s tools—and the creations they enable—come together. It’s where you can see Illustrator’s vectors and Photoshop’s edits in their natural habitat, where After Effects brings motion to life, and yes, where Adobe XD projects try to carve out their niche. It’s the showcase, the testing ground, and the ultimate bragging platform for creatives of all stripes.

In essence, Behance is where Adobe’s ecosystem comes full circle. It’s not just about individual tools like Illustrator or Photoshop; it’s about what you can create with them. Despite the ups and downs with things like the Figma acquisition and Adobe XD’s growing pains, Behance remains a testament to the power of creativity and community. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, Behance is the place to be inspired, to learn, and to get your work out there for the world to see. And who knows? Maybe it’s where you’ll find your next big project, collaboration, or even your break into the industry.

image showing Behance PRO platform fees
PRO users save the platform’s fees, but Stripe’s fee is still there, as seen in the image above

The Juicy Details

Behance Pro isn’t just a new label; it packs a bunch of features aimed at giving creatives more control, visibility, and, importantly, ways to earn more from their work without giving up a cut to the platform. Here’s the rundown:

  • No More Platform Fees: Yep, you read that right. Sell your art, land freelance jobs, or manage subscriptions on Behance, and keep all the cash (minus any fees from payment processors like Stripe or PayPal).
  • Advanced Analytics: Get the lowdown on who’s checking out your work, where they’re from, and what brought them to you. This is gold for tailoring your content and targeting the right audience.
  • Pro Badge: This little symbol on your profile tells the world you’re a Behance Pro member. It’s supposed to help you stand out.
  • More Project Control: Behance Pro lets you password-protect your work, share it through unique links, and even schedule when your projects go live.
  • Adobe Portfolio Access: Build up to five custom websites to showcase your work, with options to connect your own domain and import projects directly from Behance.

And there’s more on the way, Adobe hints. The cost? Starting at $9.99 per month with an annual commitment. They’re even throwing in a free trial to give it a whirl.

The Free vs. Pro Breakdown

Now, let’s talk about what you get with the free version versus the Pro. Here’s a quick comparison:

Behance (Free) Offers:

  • Publish projects
  • Offer freelance services
  • Send client proposals
  • Sell assets
  • Mark yourself available for work
  • Message others in the community
  • Access to freelance and full-time job boards
  • Transact on Behance with 15-30% platform fees

Behance Pro ($9.99/month) Adds:

  • 0% Behance platform fees
  • Advanced analytics
  • Custom Adobe Portfolio website
  • Password protected and link-only projects
  • Project publish scheduling
  • Pro badge on your profile
  • and more…
Image displaying a comparison between Behance PRO's Free and paid versions
Free and paid PRO versions compared. The amount is in Argentina’s pesos since it’s where we’re located.

Community Vibes: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Alright, so not everyone’s thrilled about this new tier, and the feedback’s been a mixed bag. Let’s break it down:

The Good

For starters, the zero platform fees and advanced analytics are a big win for creators looking to make a living from their art. The additional control over projects and integration with Adobe Portfolio are also pretty sweet perks.

image displaying how Behance PRO analytics looks
This is how Behance PRO analytics looks

The Mixed Feelings

The Pro badge is where things get a bit… iffy. On one hand, it’s cool to have a badge that says, “Hey, I’m serious about my work.” On the other, there’s worry it could create a divide between the Pros and the not-Pros, potentially impacting visibility and opportunities for those who can’t or don’t want to shell out for the subscription.

The Concerns

Adobe moving Adobe Portfolio into the Pro subscription has raised some eyebrows, especially since it used to be part of the general Adobe subscription. Plus, there’s a bit of grumbling about why Behance Pro isn’t included in the Adobe Creative Cloud plan, which already comes with a bunch of Adobe’s apps.

My Two Cents

So, is Behance Pro the next big thing for creatives? It’s got potential, for sure. The no-fee deal and analytics could be game-changers for some. But, it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. If you’re already making a decent chunk of change through Behance, then Pro might be a no-brainer. For hobbyists or those who use Behance more for inspiration and exposure, the free tier is still pretty solid.

As for the concerns, they’re valid. The last thing we want is for a platform that’s all about creativity and community to start feeling exclusive or divided. Adobe’s got a bit of a tightrope to walk here, making sure Pro adds value without sidelining the vast majority of users who stick with the free version.

I also believe that, even after saving on platform fees, the fees remain high. Not many clients visit Behance; they tend to explore other platforms like Upwork. Although Upwork’s fees are significantly higher, the number of clients is about 100 times larger.

Wrapping It Up

Behance Pro is an interesting move by Adobe, one that could really benefit some creatives while leaving others pondering its value. The key will be watching how it evolves, how Adobe addresses the community’s feedback, and whether those new features justify the price tag for your personal situation.

For now, I’m keeping an eye on it. The free trial is a great way to see if Behance Pro fits your needs, so if you’re on the fence, why not give it a shot? Who knows, it might just be the boost your creative career needs.

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