New Premier League Logo 2023: Redesign Analysis

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Premier League Logo 2023 Cover Image

The Premier League Logo 2023 is here. It may not be drastically different, but it’s sure to please fans. For those interested in branding, design, typography, and UI, here’s the first complete and detailed analysis of the new Premier League logo and rebrand.

UK Premier League’s Logo Context

Cultural Significance

Football in the UK is more than just a game; it is deeply ingrained in the culture and way of life. Local clubs serve as community centers, fostering social connections and local pride. Matches bring friends and family together, strengthening community ties and a sense of belonging. The passion for football transcends class and background, unifying people from all walks of life. National pride soars during international competitions, with the English, Scottish, Welsh, and Northern Irish teams drawing fervent support. The shared experience of cheering for a common goal brings people together in a unique way.

Premier League's rebrand in social media
Premier League’s rebrand in social media

Economic Impact

The Premier League‘s contribution to the UK’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is substantial. In the 2019-20 season, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the total Gross Value Added (GVA) amounted to £7.6bn ($9.9bn), as analyzed by Ernst & Young. This figure highlights the significant impact on the UK economy, likely even higher under normal circumstances. A detailed examination reveals how this sum was generated:

  • Direct Impact: £3.9bn ($5bn) came directly from the Premier League and its clubs, including matchday revenue, commercial profits, salaries, broadcasting rights, and sponsorship deals.
  • Indirect Impact: £1.5bn ($1.9bn) represented economic activity stimulated by the direct impact within various industries such as construction and hospitality.
  • Induced Impact: £2.1bn ($2.7bn) resulted from production and employment stemming from the consumption of related goods and services like television licenses or engineering services for TV.

This combined influence underscores the Premier League’s vital role in the UK’s economic landscape, even in the face of global challenges. hes, tours, and related events. This tourism benefits various sectors from hospitality to retail.

Television broadcasting agreements have played a pivotal role in the Premier League’s financial success. In the 2021/22 season, they brought in an impressive $3.8 billion in revenue, encompassing both local and global broadcasting deals. This surpasses the combined TV earnings of Bundesliga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 for the same period.

According to Chris Wood, assistant director in the Sports Business Group, the Premier League’s unique edge lies in its international reach. He noted to The Athletic:

“It’s broadcast into nearly every country, making it the most viewed league globally. This has a significant impact on TV revenue deals. Even if domestic broadcast agreements might level off, international market growth shows no signs of slowing.”

Chris Wood, Sports Business Group

In addition to this revenue, the Premier League also stands out in terms of matchday income and sponsorship. According to Deloitte, earnings from matchday activities alone reached nearly $1 billion, essentially quadruple the amount generated by Serie A. This highlights the English top flight’s strong financial performance compared to its counterparts. The top clubs also contribute significantly to tourism, attracting thousands of visitors for matches, tours, and related events. This tourism benefits various sectors from hospitality to retail.

Global Influence

The Premier League’s reach extends far beyond the shores of the UK. It is broadcast in 212 territories, reaching 643 million homes and a potential TV audience of 4.7 billion people.

International fans adopt English clubs as their own, engaging in the culture and tradition of the league. The global footprint of the Premier League supports British soft power and influence.

Participation in international competitions further enhances the global standing of the league, showcasing British talent, fostering international relations, and driving commerce.

The Rebranding Journey of the Premier League Logo

Collaborating with Nomad Studio

Premier League Logo 2023
Premier League Logo 2023

The Premier League’s collaboration with Nomad Studio began six years ago, fostering a creative synergy that led to the latest brand refresh. Nomad’s understanding of the league’s core values helped shape the rebranding process, ensuring a seamless evolution of the brand without losing its essence.

The project began with in-depth analysis and research, identifying areas for improvement, potential risks, and opportunities. This strategic approach laid the foundation for the creative process.

Multiple design iterations were explored, reflecting different aspects of the league’s identity. Feedback from various stakeholders was integrated, aligning the design with the broader objectives of the league.

The final brand design was a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, symbolizing the strength, vitality, and dynamism of the Premier League.

Evolution of the Iconic Lion

The lion has been the symbol of the Premier League for decades, embodying the fierceness and elegance of the game.

The rebranding process focused on making the lion more prominent, reflecting its status as the “figurehead” of the league.

According to Nomad, the redesign enhanced the lion’s features, infusing it with more energy and movement.

This modern interpretation resonates with both new and longtime fans. In Nomad’s words, this icon’s evolution represents the league’s continuous growth, readiness to embrace change, and commitment to excellence.

Combining Two Versions into One

Premier League Logo versions overlap
Premier League Logo versions overlap: darker areas are from the new logo, light green from the old logo, the lighter shade of purple is where they both overlap

The previous logo’s two versions were integrated into a singular design, a thoughtful fusion that enhances the league’s visual identity.

The merging process was meticulous, respecting the legacy of the previous designs while adding freshness and coherence.

This unified design symbolizes the league’s unity and diversity, aligning with its vision of inclusivity and broad appeal.

Simplification and Color Refinement

Nomad embarked on a path of simplification, making the Premier League’s logo more striking and visually appealing.

Color refinement was a significant part of this process, with six brand colors merged into three through gradients. This simplification ensured that the logo would be instantly recognizable.

Premium League rebranding 2023: the six color combinations used in previous version.
Premium League rebranding 2023: the six color combinations used in previous version.

The refinement process also involved removing unnecessary details, focusing on essential elements that capture the league’s spirit.

The result is a vibrant and modern rebrand that connects with fans globally while retaining its iconic status.

Premier League rebranding: the new gradients and their hex values
Premier League rebranding: the new gradients and their hex values

Premier League 2023 rebrand analysis

Premier League Logo 2023: Logo Analysis

In terms of design, the new logo for the Premier League doesn’t present significant differences. Most fans are unlikely to notice these changes, which are twofold: some minor adjustments to the lion’s figure, involving pixel differences, and the addition of a white border, which doesn’t entirely outline the figure and is drawn with varying thicknesses and curves.

Although the border existed in some versions, particularly when the background was dark purple, it was a more uniform border with consistent thickness and structure. Moreover, this border was sometimes present and sometimes absent, making it rather inconsistent.

This customization of the logo, while not obvious to the majority of fans, genuinely makes the logo stand out and imparts a distinct spirit. Perhaps “transgressive” isn’t the right word, as the final result is fairly standard and clean, but it is evident that it is distinctly different. Even for those unable to discern the subtlety of the redesign, the overall sensation is one of aesthetic enhancement and improved balance.

The Typography of the Premier League’s Rebranding

This rebranding introduces new typography, as one would expect in a professional redesign. The chosen typography isn’t custom (which would have been ideal), but the Universal Sans typeface was selected. This typeface is a variable sans-serif with numerous customization options.

For example, it’s readily apparent that it doesn’t use Universal Sans’ default lowercase ‘a’ (resembling the Helvetica typeface) but rather one of the versions more akin to geometric sans-serif typefaces like Century Gothic or Avant Garde (from which the previous version used a modified variant called PremierSans).

Premier League 2023 Redesign: Typography
Premier League 2023 Redesign: Typography

Though the typography doesn’t stray far from what already exists, this new typeface is more elegant with subtler details. As in the case of the Premier League logo redesign, the choice of typefaces appears to be grounded not in a radical departure but in an improvement that isn’t overtly visible, yet in the broader context makes everything appear much better and more organized.

Premier League UI Design

The user interface design of the UK’s Premier League 2023 rebranding is more modern and vibrant than the previous version, with its elements clearly defined and delineated. There are small details that suggest it’s a Work in Progress (WIP), but overall, the final result is highly satisfying.

In my view, it would have been a great opportunity to address some of the issues in the user interface previously used, such as accessibility problems and an overly cluttered design. However, this is a subjective aesthetic consideration, and I’m aware that most sports websites (including football, of course) tend to be rather overloaded and confusing.

As for the mobile version of the user interface, it is more problematic than the desktop version and clearly needs a redesign. But again, it may be a WIP, so we will have to wait and see what transpires in the coming weeks.

Brand Challenges and the Future

Challenges with a Well-loved Brand

Rebranding a beloved brand like the Premier League is fraught with challenges.

Any change must be carefully considered, balancing innovation with respect for tradition and fan loyalty.

There’s the risk of alienating long-term fans if changes are too drastic or perceived as out of touch with the league’s identity.

Yet, stagnation is equally dangerous. A brand must evolve to stay relevant and resonate with new audiences.

UK Premier League Logo 2023 and rebranding in action. Pretty cool, huh?

The Future of the Premier League Brand

The Premier League’s future looks bright, with its brand firmly established as a symbol of excellence in football.

Continuous engagement with fans, innovative marketing strategies, and collaboration with clubs and players will drive its success.

Embracing new technologies, expanding into emerging markets, and fostering grassroots development are crucial for sustained growth.

Investments in player welfare, ethical governance, and community outreach will further strengthen the league’s reputation and impact.

The Premier League must continue to evolve, remaining true to its roots while embracing the future with agility, creativity, and integrity.

Bonus: Download the Premier League Logo 2023

If you want to download the new Premier League logo in vector format, just click here. If you want a great redesign of your band, as cool as this one, get in contact with us!

Note: Most of the content used in this analysis is copyrighted by Nomad and the Premier League and is used solely for educational purposes.

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