Dorve UX is closing doors. Hail Fulbo Stars

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This is a bittersweet moment.

We built Dorve UX over 25 years of hard work. When Dorve started, it was not even a company, it was just me.

Now it’s time to say goodbye.

I and everyone who has come to this point in the journey are very happy and proud of the clients and projects we have worked for.

From the person who simply had an idea that needed to be developed, to the Fortune 100 companies that have hired us for various tasks and projects. We love them all.

But today, the journey is over.

Why we close doors

A few years ago, one of our most important clients asked me this question: with all the skills, knowledge and resources you have, why are you making millionaires while working hard every day?

I had an answer to that.

I loved it.

But it was also a comfort zone. We were earning a good income, we were respected in many ways (professionally, academically, among colleagues), and we were changing things. We were even developing a new UX methodology (Quantum UX)!

Why would we risk all that for some project? (And believe me, I had many. Some of them were even done by other people or companies).

It did not make sense to me.

What changed?

You may be wondering what has changed.

I was always looking for THAT special project, despite what I said above.

We played with what we thought would be that project in the early 2020s.

Pandemic times. Still, we invested a lot of time and resources to make it happen.

Then the most important person in this project suffered a stroke.

The one who could replace her had personal problems and a huge academic workload due to the new regulations and “distance learning”.

We simply abandoned the project. But we started a second project that was an offshoot of the original project that we had to abandon.

We worked on it, but I really considered it a side project, lost interest in it, and did not pay much attention to it.

I was also heavily involved with cryptocurrencies and the theoretical and ethical aspects of this new scenario.

In short, I was bored with the project.

Moving forward

Then the same person who asked me that question asked me for my opinion on another project, this time dealing with cryptocurrencies. After studying it, I told him that the whole idea was poorly thought out.

But I also told him: give me some time and I will have something for you.

Three or four months later, I ran into an old friend who I had only been in touch with through social media for the past few years. I knew he was (is) very talented and I always liked to see what he was doing.

But when we met in person, he told me about this game he was working on. And that this game was probably going to die, like all the other games he and his small company had developed.

Let’s make no mistake: they made the South Park games, all the games for Comedy Central, for Mattel Toys, Disney, and many other quality games. They just did not know how to sell their own games.

I spent the next three days thinking. I knew from the beginning that this could be THE project.

But… was I right?

Long story short, I contacted my friend and told him I would make their dreams come true.

We would develop whatever they needed, and I would cover the cost.

The only condition was that it would be based on a cryptocurrency model.

Then this VC /friend/life-changer contacted me for some reason and I told him about this project. He got all excited and said to me, “I’ll pay for it. Do not worry about it, just make it perfect”.

Introducing: Fulbo Stars

Fulbo Stars

So suddenly I was CEO of a new company (still without a legal name) with an almost fully developed product: Fulbo Stars.

Fulbo Stars is a crypto game. It’s loosely based on football (or soccer if you prefer), but with a twist.

Well, a symphony of twists!

I’ll leave it up to you to check it out for yourself and won’t spoil anything away.

I will only say that this is the craziest, funniest, and most addicting game you will ever see. With many layers of subtext that make for a “naive meets acid meets football” feel.

I fell in love at first sight. I am sure you will too.

To summarize

As you might imagine, I can not do a project like this with 5x more people spread across 3 teams in different locations and still keep my business alive.

Also, the “academic side” of Dorve wanted to devote themselves to their academic duties, so our own team was reduced by half.

The remnants of our team are now part of a new company. Only we do not work for other companies anymore, we just work on our own giant project.

And that’s why we are saying goodbye.

We will keep the articles and theory papers so other people can still learn something. Everything else on the site (portfolio, services, case studies, etc.) we will get rid of.

It’s a bitter moment, but also filled with joy and hope.

It was a great time and we enjoyed it very much.

See you in our new project Fulbo Stars (and the already planned projects after the release of the game!).

Thank you for everything


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