The disciplines of User Experience: An amazing world

The disciplines of User Experience

The disciplines of User Experience are many and really varied. Most people automatically thinks in UI (User Interface) because that’s the most common output for UX work.

However, UI is just a tiny, tiny, small discipline within the vast UX universe!

As an example of all this wide range of disciplines, we’re sharing this amazing graphic originally made by German study Envis Precisely.

Although new disciplines or some existing disciplines that have been incorporated into the concept of User Experience are missing, it serves to see graphically the range of disciplines that integrates our work area.

In subsequent deliveries we will delve into each of these areas; meanwhile I hope you enjoy this delivery.

And of course, you can comment and say the disciplines you think are missing to put together an even more complete version.

The Disciplines of User Experience in Spanish!

Additionally, we created a version in Spanish for our website on UX theory UXpanol.

You can see find it below or visit the original article Las Disciplinas de la Experiencia de Usuario

The disciplines of User Experience: Link to graphic in Spanish version at UXpanol

Disclaimer: This content was translated to English from the original we wrote in Spanish, available in UXpa├▒ol

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