Decission path and intentionality

Intentionality in User Experience. Empathize with your users

(Note: this note has nothing to do with the concept of intentionality used by self-help or personal improvement sites) One of the most common words or concept when we are creating a user case or flow is intention, or intentionality. Of course, this is completely logical since every time...

Breaking News: UX is not UI. And that isn't a bad thing!

Breaking News: UX is not UI. And that isn’t a bad thing!

Let’s say it now: UX is not UI. Period. We can usually find (especially in job offers) a search for “ UX / UI Designer ” or “UX / UI Developer”.  And, of course, there are thousands of designers and developers trained in the UX area who are looking for work. Because of this, there are...

“Like” vs Bookmarks vs Favorites

“Like” vs Bookmarks vs Favorites

In the connected world of the Web, where the information is endless and the organization systems of such information are even more unattainable (technically they are infinite), one of the most common processes is a kind of information microorganization: storage or preservation of such information This process can be...

Personas: Learn how we identify our users in UX

Personas: Learn how we identify our users in UX

For all those who dedicate to the User Experience , the concept of personas  is nothing new, we use it constantly. However, for those who have just started on this fascinating path, this concept is really important. So important that it will change your understanding of how to work with users....

The disciplines of User Experience

The disciplines of User Experience: An amazing world

The disciplines of User Experience are many and really varied. Most people automatically thinks in UI (User Interface) because that’s the most common output for UX work. However, UI is just a tiny, tiny, small discipline within the vast UX universe! As an example of all this wide range...

UX screens for mobile app

Do you the definition of User Experience? Stop wondering!

Before we start, we need to make something clear: There are many definitions of user experience . Some as broad as the disciplines of User Experience itself. Other definitions are more narrow and simple, but not less correct. Renowned usability  experts Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen present one of those definitions, perhaps the simplest and...

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