New disrupting psychology platform launches on March 7

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UX for mental health services and psychology platforms

Aureliana Psicología Online is a new online psychology platform that we have been working hard on for almost 2 years. The platform was developed to meet the needs of Spanish speaking individuals who need access to mental health services at an affordable cost. Our belief that mental health services should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their financial status, led us to create this platform. We also believe that psychologists and other mental health professionals should be fairly compensated for their services, and this platform ensures that.

Dorve’s experience in mental health and UX

We are very proud of our team’s extensive experience in the mental health field. Our team includes PhD psychologists who have provided valuable insights that have allowed us to develop a unique platform for our target audience. Our team’s past projects include:

  • IoT projects like Gerijoy (app for Alzheimer’s and senile dementia),
  • a complete business model for Attainaba that resulted in a network of clinics for autism
  • Developing the first protocol for online attention of autistic persons
  • Development and growth of the whole structure of Race to End Alzheimer’s
  • among other smaller projects

Our articles are full of psychological references and studies, papers and research, reflecting our deep passion for mental health in general and psychology in particular. Our research process for the Aureliana Psicología Online project was no exception; we spent a lot of time researching our target audience and our competitors. As a result, we have developed a sustainable business model that takes into account cultural background and individual needs within an Inclusive UX framework.

In short: when it comes to mental health in general and psychology in particular, we’re very experienced and successful.

A psychology platform for everyone

Our research has shown that the majority of the platform’s users are likely to be from the U.S. and Europe, particularly Spain and Italy. We also found that a significant percentage of these users will be undocumented immigrants who currently do not have access to mental health services. This presents a unique challenge that requires specific tools and ethical considerations, such as privacy and security issues and payment methods that are accessible to people “off the grid,” among others.

UI example for Psychology Platform
UI testing of the psychology platform for checkout process

We are happy to say that with the creation of Aureliana Psicología Online we have achieved all our goals. We have developed a strong user interface for both clients and professionals in the front and back ends of the platform, with a nice modern UI design. We are confident that our platform will provide much-needed support for Spanish-speaking individuals seeking mental health services.

Aureliana Psicología Online will officially launch on March 7, 2023 with a major marketing campaign for International Women’s Day on March 8. We are very excited to bring this platform to the world and offer an important service to those who need it most.

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