Marketing campaigns: Company says goodbye to 2020 in very creative way

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marketing campaign for el pozo king

The sub-brand “El Pozo King” of the Spanish brand “El Pozo Alimentación” launched a very creative marketing campaign that will probably go viral in the next few days.

Provocative billboard for a viral marketing campaign: sausages "flipping the finger"
Provocative billboard for a viral marketing campaign

“El Pozo King” is a sub-brand aimed at a younger audience, so from the beginning he used a more rebellious and daring marketing strategy. Thus, provocation is one of the most common tools in the messages of this brand.

The brand strategy goes from being present in music festivals, art scene and e-sports to have a 100% veggie burger (which is revolutionary for a meat products company!)

brand campaign: El Pozo King cobrands with Mad Lions  League of Legends e-sports team
Brand campaign: El Pozo King cobrands with Mad Lions League of Legends e-sports team

In the case of this particular brand campaign, the company decided to use a billboard on a corner of Madrid. In it, we can see a package of 4 partially extracted sausages, with the second one (from left to right) a little higher than the others. The image clearly conforms to the offensive gesture of a hand “flipping the finger”.

The slogan of this particular farewell of the year 2020 is “F ** KING YEAR 2020. See you never”

The brand has promoted this powerful marketing action on Calle Zurbarán 8, in the center of the Madrid capital. The campaign will also be extended to social networks, to say goodbye in the way we think to a long, hard and sad year.

Marketing Strategy in Social Networks

This marketing campaign is complemented by related messages that will be launched through the brand’s profiles on social networks. In addition, a series of interactive messages were created that can be shared through WhatsApp in search of greater engagement. The campaign will be active until December 31.

On the company’s side, EL POZO KING stated:

We say ‘see you never’ to the year 2020 and we put a voice in this way to what we feel and want to express at this moment as citizens, hoping that it ends and makes way for a better year.

On the other hand, the main brand “El Pozo Alimentación” remained faithful to more conservative and familiar brand campaigns. He recently published the winning postcard of the “El Pozo en Navidad” postcard contest. The children and grandchildren between the ages of five and 13 of its more than 5,000 employees participate in this contest.

Brand strategy

El Pozo King website design
El Pozo King website design

If we visit the El Pozo King site, we can see that the site clearly targets a young audience. Both in its presentation, images and interactive elements, as well as in its language, the site is very much oriented to this target. We could even say that it is exclusive of any other target audience.

In other words: there is a conscious and risky decision to say that the brand only has an interest in a single target audience (adolescents and early youth). And that anyone outside of this audience “doesn’t belong.”

This brand image is very risky, given that most of the people who would buy the product are not the audiences to which the brand calls. On the contrary, the people who would buy the product in the majority would be the parents. In other words, the next generation’s target audience, which is “left out” on purpose.

Surely the marketing agency in charge of the brand image and the tone or voice of the company’s brand strategy has data that allows it to develop a strategy that at first glance seems risky.

Brand voice and tone

The website has an aesthetic of strident colors and at the same time with muted photos, something that aligns with the 2021 design trends.

Regarding language, we can see an excellent example on the page labeled #ActitudKING

We are nonconformists, we are brave
We are what we dream, but above all
we are what we do.

A true statement of principles and intent, which goes hand in hand with the overall tone of the brand and the website design.

Website Design

Regarding the design of the website, there is an aesthetic intention, but it does not go beyond the superficial.

Clearly, the strength of the branding strategy is not the website itself, but the presence in social media. It is noteworthy that the social media icons are present with a level of hierarchy similar to that of the main pages of the website.

This shows the importance that branding strategy places on social media.

Marketing Campaign Analysis

Undoubtedly a creative and challenging campaign, which in another context could play against him. However, in the context of the global Covid-19 pandemic, with the restrictions and changes in customs and all the problems that the pandemic produced, the marketing agency made a reading that we consider correct. These changes in habits brought many changes in our ways of thinking and seeing things, which includes putting aside a certain correction in favor of a certain liberation. Sort of Janov’s Primal Scream in the form of an advertising campaign.

The social media strategy works very well, which shows that those responsible for the brand strategy know very well what they are doing.

In general, this strategy works within the parameters of Growth Hacking. And within these parameters, we can ensure that it will be a total success

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