Sensorial UX: Sensory integration in product design

Sensory UX: A new approach that improves user experiences

Sensory UX (aka Sensorial UX) is a new branch between the many UX disciplines. One particularity of Sensory UX is that it always existed, even in ancient times. And there were many experiments and inventions that used that paradigm. However, as a clear and more regulated UX field, it...

Gender inclusive UX design

Inclusive UX Design: The Best Way To Reach Universal UX?

Being as we are evangelists of accessibility and inclusion, it was about time we had an article on inclusive UX design, also known as Universal UX. Here at Dorve UX we believe in total inclusion, regardless of race, creed, age or gender. In the field of User Experience, it...

Danville high school student with a vision impairment wins graphic design competition

Student with a vision impairment wins graphic design competition

You know we’re accessibility nerds. We create accessible stuff and design inclusive experiences. However, today we’ll talk about designers with vision impairments who create their own experiences. And they’re quite good at doing it! Zamarian Griffin is a young student from George Washington High School who suffers from vision...