Fabio Devin


Fabio is Bachelor in Marketing, Master in Human Computer Interaction and a UX Evangelist.

He worked for some of the biggest companies in the world. As such, he has developed entire systems and businesses for clients of all sizes.

He is kind of “nerdish” and loves (and play) electronic experimental music

Mariana Arismendi, PhD

Head of Research

Mariana is a Doctor in Psychology, specialized in research methodologies.

She is a

  • Professor of Methods of Scientific Research at University of Buenos Aires
  • Professor of Basic Processes at Universidad del Salvador.
  • Investigator at National Comission of Science, Education and Technics (CONICET)
  • Published Author
  • Former researcher for guvernamental projects

With us, she handles all research and takes care of methods and methodologies in order to get the most accurate results

If you need to find out about why anyone behaves in any way… she’ll find it for sure, we’re scared of talking!

Samantha Fraser

Research Assistant

Bachelor in Psychology, Sami is a former student of Mariana. Now they work together and have an “all girls” band that really rocks Now THAT’S what I call an User Experience!

Sami connects the dots and makes everything happen and flow as it should. She’s also a Yoga instructor adn Chinese Medicine student. Please stop Sami!

Martin Rosbier

Head developer

Despite his technical wit, Martin is a Bachelor in Social Communication.

He is responsible for all the technical stuff you see here, and has a knack for smart technical solutions.

Oh, and he’s also an electronic musician and the designated DJ at Dorve!

Ariel Gaster

UX Backend Analyst

Ariel is out IoT and Machine Learning specialist. He also works on the back end side of things and loves to try new enhanced and experimental experiences for users.

He likes to travel a lot and he’s a die-hard fan of soccer, swearing by his beloved team Boca Juniors

Esteban Herrera

Motion and 3D Designer

Esteban is a Bachelor in Cinematography and he specializes in Motion Design and 3D rendering and animation. He has worked for some of the most important companies in the world, specially building customized video games.

In such a musical environment as ours, Esteban couldn’t be less, and he plays some mean mean guitar.

At least we know we can build a band if this UX thing fails!

Sofi Devin

Jr Designer and Social Media Manager

Sofi is a Graphic Design student, tattoo and visual artist, muralist and in some way or another, she does anything you may imagine in the visual arts area.

While she’s just starting her career in design, you can see her work in many illustrations for our clients. She also manages Social Media for us and some of our clients and partners.