The Bubble

The Bubble is a Latin American newspaper located in Argentina and aimed to English-speaking users, mainly tourists, businesses and ex-pat.

They had a need to evolve from a slow and generic WordPress theme to attract investors.

The project had 2 phases: first phase was of deep research, including research on usability, technical factors, competition, processes, etc.

After the first phase was completed, we had a lot of insights and discovered many additional issues going from technical issues to a troublesome UX organization at content creation level. This was paramount for the success of the project, because they have 50+ editors and many guest writers. Thus, a front-end solution wouldn’t be enough: we needed to facilitate organizational processes for all kind of user roles.

After submitting the results and insight, we got green light for development of the project. We worked together with design agency S3lva to create an amazing experience from all perspectives.

From a technical perspective, we created a faster and easier to use custom theme running on WordPress with a custom back-end that enabled role based abilities and allowed for content presentation consistency, no matter the degree of experience of users with the system.

We also moved the site from a massive (and very expensive) hosting setup to a new custom built dedicated server. This part of the process included a lot work on a corrupt database that was the main culprit of the speed issues they were trying to fix by adding more money and resources.

Finally, we added custom interfaces for content creation, marketing, conditional views, content aggregation from external sources, social media and many more features.

Project Info