Sarjan Health

Sarjan Health is an AI-based application that solves patient problems remotely.

We were approached with the need to have a design face-lift to make their site more modern and fresh, while also improving UX flow and site conversions.

We developed a rather fun and quirky experience based on vivid colors and an abundant use of illustrations that add a fresh appearance, improve conceptual communication for each element and direct users’ eyes to the desired elements.

Since the site is aimed at both individual users and corporate users, we created 2 versions. When the user arrives at the site, she chooses the version she needs and then the user’s journey continues according to that path selection.

Finally, we developed a wizard interface to discover what the user’s main need is in order to provide the best option for her problem in two main categories: knee pain and back pain.

The final site was developed on the client site using WordPress on top of Bootstrap

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Sarjan's health different screens